Yo Mommah’s Kitchen is always here for you — just like your mama!

We are pretty sure you are going to agree when we say there’s no one better at cooking than your mom, so you should no doubt not miss out on Yo Mommah’s Kitchen! It sure is the place you will want to be in as here you will be getting probably the cheesiest lasagna you will get to have a taste of.

Yo Mommah’s Kitchen promises freshly baked, extra cheesy, super meaty pasta delivered to your doorstep. Those are a lot of superlatives so we guess expecting for a good time is fair and reasonable, right?

Their Classic 3-Cheese Meat Lasagna comes in two sizes which are Regular Pan (4 × 8 inches Php 320) that is good for 2 to 3 slices and Family Pan (7.5 × 10 inches Php 690) that is good for 6 people, and Party Pan (10.5 × 12.5 inches Php 1350) that is good for 12 people. Indeed, no matter how big your appetite is, Yo Mommah’s Kitchen is here for you.

Four layers of their signature tomato and meat sauce made with premium ground beef, ham, mushrooms, and Italian herbs and spices? Made even more sumptuous as it is topped with creamy cheddar cheese sauce, alongside more mozzarella and parmesan? Yes! Absolutely, yes!

And so to delight in this oh-so-rewarding goodie, catch Yo Mommah’s Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram. Ready to order? Drop them a message or check out their Instagram highlights for more information!

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