You Are Going To Want To Unwrap JL’s Food Lab & Surprises Right Away!

Got any parties coming up? How about an intimate gathering of some sort? Or maybe you just want to pamper your tastebuds and appetite today? Regardless of what’s going on in your life, whether you have something to celebrate or not, JL’s Food Lab & Surprises is here to not only impress you, but also to make you full and satisfied!

As they are all about creating homemade food and handcrafted gift surprises, you surely will see, feel, and taste that whatever JL’s Food Lab & Surprises product you go for is prepared and handled with love and care as they keep in mind that they only want the best for you. After all, the best is what you deserve, right?

Wondering what is the best we are talking about? Well, JL’s Food Lab & Surprises is all about providing a hearty meal that encourages sharing and bonding. That said, their yummy offerings are a selection of delicious bilaos that are not only a treat to the eyes, but definitely a wonderful and yummy surprise to the tummy!

With 7 different and scrumptious bilao variants, JL’s Food Lab & Surprises has certainly been putting cravings in check for a lot of people because everyone will find something they like in their bilaos. They have lumpia, pasta, seafood, and of course, meat, so yes, you certainly will something for you to enjoy!

Out of their seven bilao variants, we got two of their bestsellers! The Seafood Boodle and Meaty Boodle have always been a crowd favorite and so we wanted to see for ourselves what the buzz is all about in regards to these two bilaos by JL’s Food Lab & Surprises.

Our curiosity was definitely fed and killed once we got a sight of the Seafood Boodle Bilao and Meaty Boodle Bilao. These bilaos are indeed mouthwatering and scrumptious – and we weren’t able to stop ourselves from digging into each and devouring them together!

The Seafood Boodle Bilao (Php 585) is a generous serving of shrimp, crab, mussel, and corn in homemade Cajun sauce, together with fried tilapia, eggplant, tomato, slated egg, calamansi, and soy sauce. Not only is this bilao appetizing, but also it can make 2 to 3 people happy and full!

Meanwhile, the Meaty Boodle Bilao (Php 585) is a hefty load of pork liempo, breaded chicken wings, lumpiang shanghai, hamonado longganisa, eggplant, tomato, salted egg, calamansi, soy sauce, and rice – which are all just yum, yum, and yes, you got that right, yum! This bilao is good for 2 to 3 people too so it’s surely great for sharing.

These are just two bilaos that you can get from JL’s Food Lab & Surprises! Let’s just remind you that you can get all seven if you are down for it, so do check out all their other bilaos because you will no doubt be salivating for each of them.

See the bilaos for yourself by visiting JL’s Food Lab & Surprises’ Facebook and Instagram Pages. To order, feel free to drop them a message on either of their Social Media Pages.

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