You Better Be Ready for Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Bistro’s Delicious Big Game! 

If a good time is why you are here for, then do know that you are on the right path. We were a bit stressed out and honestly exhausted the past days, but Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Bistro shooed all those away for us. With a place bursting with music, lights, and people celebrating or just enjoying the night, Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Bistro is basically where troubles just do not exist. 

The air here is thick with pure bliss and enjoyment which includes laughters and dancing, and of course, drinking ang dining. We mean, you should probably know by now that our kind of fun always includes food, right? With that, we hope you are ready because Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Resto really filled our table with comfort bar chows and Filipino food! 

From their appetizers, we did not think twice about getting our hands on their Bugsy’s Nachos (Php 560) as well as their Classic Sisig (Php 480). We always enjoy having these two when we are in an inom sesh with our friends because these are absolutely shareable plus munch-worthy. On top of that, these were like pre-game for us because Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Resto was just prepping us for the big game that was about to come. 

With the aim to tease us even more, Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Resto then served us two of their delicious dishes from their Wings N’ Tenders selection. This time we found ourselves getting handsy with their Buffalo Tenders (Php 405) and Buffalo Wings (Php 415). Undeniably, we kept on reaching for a piece even though we actually were still gobbling down on one. These were just an easy eat and you know how much we love a tasty treat that we could enjoy with our hands, right? 

After showing those wings and tenders a good time, Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Resto finally brought out their big guns! They have a whole selection dedicated for our Filipino faves and spoiler alert, we loved it! From their Pinoy Eats, we got ourselves plates of Crispy Pork Liempo (Php 265), Classic Chicken Adobo (Php 265), Braised Beef Kaldereta (Php 285), and Bistek Tagalog. Not only did our cravings for Filipino food got satisfied, but also our drooling for comforting classics were fixed too. 

Tita Ecky’s Turon Surprise

Since we are already on a roll with Filipino comfort food, we decided to even top this off with a well-loved sweet ender by Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Resto! Their Tita Ecky’s Turon Surprise (Php 230) was an absolute delight! Its crunchy and sweet characteristics sure were lovely and the surprise, oh, don’t even get us started with that; but also, it is for you to find out and indulge in soon, hopefully. 

Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Resto no doubt gave us not only what we needed, but also what we wanted. A good time is not the only thing we got from them, but also, a palate that was satisfied and a belly that definitely was happy! We even had to sit for a few minutes when we were already done because we needed to give time for all the scumptious food to go down, if you know what we mean. 

Love up everything Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Resto has to offer! What we had was just the tip of the iceberg as they of course, have a ton of drinks you could also go for. Know more all about it by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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