You can definitely be a darling and just enjoy a lush vacation at Amorita Resort

Bohol is truly one of the most jaw-dropping destinations here in The Pearl of the Orient Sea, located in the Central Visayas region, as it has captured, if not exceeded, the imagination of travelers from all around the globe with its wowza world-class diving sites, stunning nature spots, and great outdoor activities!

With a rolling terrain of haycock limestone formations, famous for its name the Chocolate Hills, symbolizing the abundance of natural and cultural attractions in this haven, which includes and is proud of their old heritage churches, eco-adventure parks that are sure to provide for that much-craved rush, gorgeous scenery of the riverside, and a serene home for the indigenous, popular second smallest primate in the world, the Philippine Tarsier, Bohol is in actualization a paradise island filled with sights, adventures, traditions, and authentic cuisine!

That being said, Bohol is undeniably a land for the wanderers and in which they will be able to find a ton of hotels and resorts fit for any exploration, sanctuary, or escape they are looking for – one of which is the splendid Amorita Resort which is amazingly secluded atop a limestone cliff on the southern edge of Bohol’s Panglao Island.

Amorita Resort is a seaside retreat and at the same time a luxury resort that is a wonderful marriage between word-class service and the signature Filipino hospitality, all the while overlooking the azure-colored Bohol Sea and punctuating elegantly the vibrant tropical landscape along the pristine, crisp Alona Beach.

Get cozy and comfy in any of the spacious and posh rooms, suites, and even villas of Amorita Resort in which you will be enjoying the amenities that each is sporting. You can relax in your own patio or pool while you delight your sight with a garden view or sea view, enticing you even more to just be at ease with tranquility and be one with nature.

Easing yourself more into the zone of relaxation and warmth, stuff yourself up with delights that are to make your tummy happy with Amorita Resort’s Saffron Restaurant which will absolutely spice up your stay as they offer an all-day menu showcasing fresh and locally produced ingredients of which their dishes are made with.

Also, they take pride in being the only restaurant in Bohol that gives its diners an experience of authentic Boholano heritage dishes together with a wide range of Continental, Asian, and of course, Filipino favorites!

Another reason to love even more and level up your stay with Amorita Resort is their very own sexy Spanish buffet restaurant that is oozing with rustic sophistication, the Tomar Tapas x Bar is just wonderfully perfect for folks looking for more excitement and energy to take as it offers staple Spanish cuisines with a twist – such as classic tapas, paellas, and pintxos which are also known as small snacks.

Other than those, Amorita Resort definitely has some activities that are a must-try and are to cater any walk of life as they do not only offer leisure and wellness, they also have something that is of fitness, diving and marine sports, and of course, children’s activities as they are a family resort as well.

Amorita Resort can also host any event that you are planning to do in Bohol, may it be weddings, birthdays, and even corporate-related happenings.

Undeniably, Amorita Resort embodies all the natural treasures that Bohol surely has, even integrating key elements of the surrounding environment creating a distinct yet definitely awe-inspiring island ambiance that is of organic modern aesthetic, too.

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