You can now enjoy Ministop’s Uncle John’s Fried Chicken at home!

It’s not that long ago when people naming their favorite fried chicken has gone viral and one of the brands that has made some noise is none other than Ministop. Who woud have thought a fried chicken from a convenience store would have everyone going crazy, right? Well, Ministop’s fried chicken is actually Uncle Joe’s Fried Chicken and they are now offering frozen packs of it. Hooray!

For just Php 380, you can enjoy eight pieces of Ministop’s Uncle John’s Fried Chicken at home and take note, these chicken pieces are not breaded yet, so remember to dip it in egg wash and coat it in seasoned flour before deep frying.  

Get your crunch on, because with Ministop’s Uncle John’s fried chickem, your craving for a punch of flavor and kick of texture will sure be satisfied in no time!

And do you wanna know more? Their Hotdogs are now available for take home as well!

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