You can Finally Get the Famous Mango Bravo Cake in Conti’s First-ever branch in Pampanga!

Kapampangans, rejoice! The ultimate Tita hangout spot is now located in a branch near you!

What makes up a classic Tita? Is it the bottle of White Flower strapped to her large handbag? The must-have weekly brunches with friends? Or is it those Friday wine night sessions where they gossip and catch up on the has-beens of their time?

Eitherway, the stereotypical Tita is a fun one— a go-getter with a thirst for traveling and a penchant for good food.

And when we’re talking about a classic hangout spot for every Tita, one place comes to mind: Conti’s Bakeshop and Restuarant.

With over a decade of serving comfort and warm dishes reminiscent of home, Conti’s is more than just a restaurant. It has become an integral presence in every family’s lives as potluck dishes, cakes to celebrate milestones, or even as gifts for all sorts of occasions.

To date, Conti’s has come so far from its humble beginnings in Paranaque to become a household brand with many branches across the Metro. The restaurant’s popularity then spurned owners to expand beyond NCR, where they’ve set their sights in Central Luzon!

That’s right— Conti’s has opened their first branch in the province, and it’s right at sunny Pampanga.

Founders, friends and family come together to bless their newest branch

Located at the Ayala-developed Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga, this Conti’s branch will the first of many branches in Central Luzon. This is where their famous Mango Bravo cake is— a cross between a sansrival and a mango cake featuring sheets of cashew meringue, ripe mangoes, cream and mousse, all covered in a glorious creamy icing and chocolate syrup. A famous cake that propelled Conti’s to fame, titas will be pleased to know that it’s now readily available whenever you need it— along with their extensive menu of mouthwatering dishes.

The famous Mango Bravo cake

And when I say extensive, I mean salads, mains, cakes, pastries and more. Much, much more.

These are some of their offerings that were served during their opening, which I daresay, are just the tip of the iceberg:


1. Russian Potato Salad

A twist to the classic potato salad, this version features a mix of diced sugar beets (hence the purple color), potatoes, carrots and chicken chunks— all tossed together in a creamy sauce with crunchy minced onions.

2. Mango Royale Salad

A refreshing blend of seasonal greens and fresh mango cubes, all tossed together in a special vinaigrette dressing. Perfect for vegetarians or even for those who want a summery salad.

3. Caesar Salad

Seasonal lettuce topped with bacon bits, grated Parmesan cheese, sliced grapes, almonds and crunchy croutons. Comes with a tangy and creamy homemade Caesar dressing that ties all the elements together.


1. Baked New Zealand Mussels

One of their famous hors d’oeuvres, this briny crowd favorite features New Zealand mussels that comes with special toppings. Shellfish is springy and cooked just right, while the cheese adds a nice saltiness to it.

2. Chicken Lollipop

A treat for the kids, these bites of fried chicken are shaped like the quintessential candy, albeit a savory version. It comes with seasoned breading that yields juicy, tender meat in the center when you bite into it.


1. Conti’s Baked Salmon

The cream of the crop, and one of their bestsellers both in the restaurant and for parties, this dish features a large slab of Norwegian Salmon topped with garlic, cream and cheese. It’s then baked until tender, and served with buttered vegetables and their special paella rice.

2. USDA Beef Salpicao

A Filipino favorite any time of the day! Made up of tender chunks of beef tenderloin cooked in garlic, this dish comes with buttered vegetables on the side, and garlic rice.

3. Linguine in Pesto Sauce

A classic Italian dish featuring al dente pasta tossed in a mix of oil and a garlicky basil sauce. Flavors are light— not too salty, but hearty nonetheless. When eaten on its own, it makes a great meal for vegetarians.


1. Mocha Tiramisu

Layers of coffee-infused chiffon and cream make up this deconstructed cake of sorts. It’s not too sweet, making it a perfect palate cleanser for those who are watching their sugar intake. Take note that this isn’t the original serving size. They just made it bite-sized for the buffet.

2. Fresh Fruits

A healthy choice befitting the health-conscious tita, this medley of fruits include grapes, peaches and watermelons— all of which are a colorful feast for the eyes.

3. Turtle Pie

Bite-sized frozen pies featuring a chocolate cookie crust, caramel filling and chopped walnuts on top. A border of creamy frosting surrounds the pie, and each one gets a drizzle of chocolate syrup for added sweetness. Take note that this isn’t the original serving size.

4. Blueberry Cheesecake

Another bite-sized dessert for easy snacking in the buffet table, the Blueberry Cheesecake of Conti’s is a straightforward one that includes a graham cookie base, a frozen layer cream cheese, and gooey sweet blueberries to finish everything off. A cake that isn’t too sweet, it’s a crowd favorite among titas who buy it in a much bigger size in their shops.

5. Choco Overload

Chocolate lovers will gravitate towards this cake for sure! Featuring layers of chocolate chiffon, chocolate cream, and even more icing on top— finished off with a drizzle of chocolate syrup, it’s as rich as it is sweet, but still a crowd favorite among sweet tooths.

6. Black Velvet

The gothic sister of red velvet, this cake is made up of moist, velvety (pun intended) chocolate chiffon and layers of cream cheese icing aplenty, even on top. Chocolate sprinkles adorn the sides, making this cake look like a hedgehog. It’s a blend of sour and slightly salty, with a rich and chocolatey sweetness.

7. Banana Dream

Something for people who like fruit. This one is made up of layers of wafer to provide structure, along with vanilla sponge and mousse, finished off with some caramel syrup. Think of it as a sister of Banana Cream Pie, albeit less sweet, and in cake form.


1. Ensaymaditas

A must-have for every Tita, these tiny Ensaymaditas are much like their large counterparts, offering the same soft bread, topped with the same sugar and butter combination, after which it is topped with tangy cheese. You can easily pop these in your mouth, making it a good snack.

2. Pies

Bite-sized versions of the pies we all know and love, these were made small for easy snacking. It’s anyone’s game as you can end up with either a chicken filling, fishy salmon, ham or even tuna— all of which are encased in a flaky pie crust.

3. Pastries

A sampler of sorts filled with the sweet treats that people often buy from Conti’s, tita must-haves include their nutty Cashew Brownies, sweet Butterscotch bars, and one of my favorites: their Food for the Gods. Soft doughy and filled with nuts and dried fruits, theirs is somewhat sticky sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet.

With all these options and more, there is never a dull day in Conti’s. Now, Titas from Pampanga can converge together anytime and save themselves a great deal of trouble going to and from the city to get their pastries, cakes or even for their brunches.

Conti’s Pampanga is located at Level 1 Space number 002 Marquee Mall Food Pavillion, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City, Pampanga. For inquiries and orders, you can contact them at (045) 497-6888 | (0925)-634-8343 every Monday to Sunday from 9AM to 9PM.

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