You deserve Sweet Mamita Goodies today because did a good job and you know it!

Known for their delicious Baked Cheesecakes, Sweet Mamita Goodies has surely made a name for themselves as they continue to grow and give the people what they want. Alongside Baked Cheesecakes, they also have Special Cake Loaves, Premium Cookies, and Other Goodies such as Ensaymadas. Indeed, Sweet Mamita Goodies is home to delectable treats that would put a rather nice dash of sugar high to your day.

As their Baked Cheesecakes are already a favorite, we opted for something different today from Sweet Mamita Goodies. We decided to grab another must-try from them, and that is their selection of Premium Cookies! Sweet Mamita Goodies’ Premium Cookies are loved for their crisp edges and soft, chewy, gooey centers that are made with real gourmet butter and top-shelf Belgian and high quality, bean-to-bar Filipino chocolate!

Definitely, these cookies are for the books as they are not only drool-worthy, but scrumptious in every bite too! Sweet Mamita Goodies currently have four luscious cookie variants that would have your eyes sparkling and your mouths watering in an instant.

If you want a chocolatey time, their Ultimate Chocolate Chunk (Php 480 per Box of 12) is made with three kinds of chocolate; while their Dark Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt (Php 480 per Box of 12) is made with 64% and 74% premium dark chocolate chunks, finished off with a sprinkling of sea salt for that perfectly balanced bittersweet bite.

Although, if you want something more than a chocolatey adventure, then consider yourself in luck, because Sweet Mamita Goodies has two more cookie flavors – the Nutty Chocolate Chunk (Php 520 per Box of 12) is of milk and dark chocolate chunks with macadamia and walnuts, while the Movie Night Chunk (Php 480 per Box of 12) is of chocolate chunks, Oreo pieces, popcorn, potato chips, marshmallows, rice crisps, and butterscotch chips. Truly, these ones would be a wonderful snack to munch on whether you are having a movie night or an afternoon break.

Sweet Mamita Goodies’ Premium Cookies are absolutely worth it! They have definitely levelled up the classic, homey cookies into something more of an indulgent treat to satisfy your cravings and exceed your expectation.

Visit Sweet Mamita Goodies’ Social Media Pages – Facebook and Instagram – to know more about them and their products. You can also check out their Order Form for more details or when you are ready to order.

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