You just won’t be able to say pass on a lunch buffet by Patis Bed & Breakfast

Ready for another light and refreshing food escapade? We are calling it an escapade because it was no doubt an escape for us when we stayed at Patis Bed & Breakfast, located at San Pablo, Laguna. We absolutely love a garden type of setting, because there is something in nature that just blows away all the heaviness we are feeling, don’t you think? Patis Bed & Breakfast is such a wonderful haven for anyone who wants to take a break – that’s why this was just perfect for us. Here we got to be cheesy and appreciate the quiet, the serenity, the peacefulness which we seldom take for granted as we have so many ideas we just want the world to know.

And so, having lunch at Patis Bed & Breakfast, we truly appreciate the personal touch Patis Tesoro herself had shared with us as she was the one who prepared and cooked our dishes. She is into homecooking now, too, so you really will feel special like we did.

For this one, it was a buffet type setting and we got to have it in what used to be their family restaurant, led by her daughter’s former husband, called Kusina Salud. Thy are currently under renovation to make way for Patis Bed & Breakfast, but that didn’t lose the quaint loveliness their space has.

Along that charm it has, of course, we took pleasure in each and every dish prepared by Patis Tesoro that was placed on the buffet table. To start, Patis Tesoro prepared a salad that is of eggplant. Its taste was refreshing and will make you crave for more delicacies which was no problem because there was a bunch on the buffet.

Another veggie dish we did not miss out on and you should not, too, was the Paco Salad. This type of salad is famous in San Pablo, Laguna, and from what we have heard, Kusina Salud actually was the one behind the hype of it – and let us tell you, it truly is worth the hype, especially if you are a healthy eater.

From greens, we did not hesitate to jump on the meaty wagon as it sure was calling our name with its tasty look! The Binagoongang Rendang of Patis Bed & Breakfast was a delectable Filipino take on the classic Indonesian dish, Rendang. We loved the mash up flavors of the two which was a yummy surprise for us because we did not expect that two strong tones could complement each other.

Other than Binagoongang Rendang, there are two more meaty delicacies by Patis Bed & Breakfast. Although, these two are of the same dish, the meat used in each is different. Patis Tesoro’s very own Duck and Chicken Kinulob both have this subtle delicious taste to it that had us digging more into it as if it was teasing us. These dishes were called Kinulob as both were cooked inside a large clay pot with coal, not gas because that’s how Patis Tesoro prefers to cook it regardless of the long and meticulous process. She said that that process gives the dish its natural sumptuous flavor.

And to really fill us up, their Pandan Rice, of course, was present. The fragrance this one has really made us ate more and we don’t even regret it one bit!

To cap this lunch off, Patis Tesoro served the classic Turon and homemade Banana and Langka Ice Cream. We enjoyed having the turon and the two flavors of ice cream together – it was a fun delectable experience we would be glad to have again.

Patis Bed & Breakfast really did not disappoint in giving us a fantastic breather – may it be breakfast, lunch, or even when it was night time and all we did was sleep. The serene vibe Patis Bed & Breakfast provided us was something we didn’t think we needed in our lives and that was something we are grateful for.

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Address: 285 Santa Cruz Putol, San Pablo City, Laguna

Contact Number: 0917 126 5182

Hours of Operation: By Reservation

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