You need no excuse, just head onto Alibi Lounge Bar

Don’t even bother! There is no need for you to think of an excuse nor a reason to go out and have a good time. In fact, going to Alibi Lounge Bar is enough reason to do that.

With the promise to only provide you a relaxing night free of stress and worries, accompanied by delicious food to pair with delectable drinks, Alibi Lounge Bar will have you sitting comfortably and letting your hair down in no time.

Assorted Cheese
Assorted Homemade Sausage

Since we already mentioned they have delicious food, that is what we are leading with. Alibi Lounge Bar has a number of luscious plates up for grabs and take note: they are all wonderful to share with! Their Assorted Cheese (Php 700) is a platter of Bleu d’ Auvergne, Comte, Goat Cheese, Brie, and Mixed Nuts; while their Assorted Homemade Sausages (Php 500) is a plate filled with scrumptious beef & lamb, pork, and chicken sausages. These two bar chows were absolutely tasty and filling.

Alibi Sliders
Toasted Brioche with Prawns

If you are thinking of carbing it up, then do know that Alibi Lounge Bar has savory buns and sandwiches just waiting to be snatched right up! Their Alibi Sliders (Php 350) are gratifying mini burgers made up of beef, chori, and fried chicken; while their Toasted Brioche with Prawns (Php 500) are sumptuous toasts with chives and lemon butter. No wonder these two are crowd favorites!

Bubble Bath
Sunset Strip

Of course, Alibi Lounge Bar’s drinks are top-notch as well! Their Bubble Bath has that bittersweet, fruity punch because it is made with bathtub gin, aperol, citrus mix, pineapple, grapefruit bitters, and flavor blaster; while their Sunset Strip is oozing with that floral and citrus tones since it is made with Tanqueray ten, grapefruit, oleo saccharum, and rose air. These two are both refreshing cocktails that would have you wanting to sip more. 

Truth and Dairy
The Peat, Meat and Greet

Speaking of more, Alibi Lounge Bar’s Truth and Dairy is of Martin Miller’s gin, orange oleo, pineapple shrub, and milk, giving you that lovely and milky take for the night; while The Peat, Meat and Greet is savory, nutty and smoky as it is made with beurre noisette jim beam, laphroaig, bacon sugar, and black pepper. These two are perfect for when you know you are in for a long night of exuberance. 

Alibi Lounge Bar

There is so much to look out for at Alibi Lounge Bar! Sometimes they even have splendid guest bartenders making limited time offer beverages just for that night so you better watch out! Know more about Alibi Lounge Bar by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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