You will absolutely have a delicious and spiced up day when you go for The Villamaria Kitchen

This quarantine really took a toll on a lot of us, but it has also opened a new avenue for some people — and that avenue is their kitchen which have led people in starting their own business or have found a new passion in cooking or baking. In some cases, like The Villamaria Kitchen, the kitchen has been their way to attain both.

With a passion for cooking, The Villamaria Kitchen has established itself as a source of good food with the goal to create distinct meals from their own kitchen to their cutomers’ tables. Their menu is packed with savory dishes that will surely more than just tickle their patrons’ palate as they are to satisfy their cravings as well.

That being said, if you are looking for something new to try and definitely enjoy, then going for their bestseller which is their Spicy Stir Fry Ma La is a choice you won’t ever regret. With this one, you can choose among their Pork (Php 550), Chicken (Php 550), Beef (Php 550), and Seafood (Php 550) platter options; as well as the side that comes with it which you may also choose from a variance of vegetables to different well-loved street food.

Indeed, the whole experience of having their Spicy Stir Fry Ma La is a delight as you could customized it in accordance to your preference and take as much time as you need to dig into it once it reaches your home.

Photo by Jay Tablante
Photo by Jay Tablante
Photo by Jay Tablante

And of course, that’s not where the fun stops when it comes with The Villamaria Kitchen! Their bottled sauces and dips such as their Garlic Labuyo Oil (Php 160) as well as their Sardines and Garlic in Olive Oil (Php 220) will no doubt make your food choices even more flavorful.

Undeniably, The Villamaria Kitchen sure has a lot up on their sleeve, one of which is their upcoming Singaporean Style Salted Egg dishes which they are planning to launch soon. To know more, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, don’t hesitate to drop them a message anytime if you have queries or you just want to order.

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