You will definitely be yelling hoorah here at Sheraton Manila Hotel’s S Kitchen as they bring you elevated Filipino dishes in a Global Spread

We obviously just cannot get enough of food, right? Food is just so precious. It is no longer just a necessity, plus it goes beyond luxury, that is for sure! Food has also become an art, a way of expressing one’s self, much like an identity. And as it has become an identity, it also continues to explore the boundaries of tradition. Food has undeniably become innovative, and with that, Filipino food is no exception.

We do love a big celebration with dishes filled with spices, a complete heavy meal where you could get veggies as well as tender, delicious meat! That is what we are known for. We love having a feast, we love throwing a party – laying out each and every card we have just to be able to celebrate whatever thing we think can be celebrated.

And with that comes a true Filipino feast that ironically has been the talk of the town, even though mouths are filled with delectable dishes. It would be a sin not to chew! The Sunday Fiesta is hosted by Sheraton Manila Hotel’s very own S Kitchen. Here people will be able to have some continental dishes, but surely a ton of Filipino classics alongside classics with a twist!

Upon entering, what will welcome you is a section filled with different sweets! They have breads and pastries, and mini Ferris wheel of mouthwatering, moist sweets you will never have the power to just say no to. Alongsidede those are some cakes, crepes, fresh fruits, ice cream, and Filipino kakanin.  We told you, you are in for a Filipino treat, right?

Next to that is where you will be able to ease your way into the wide variance of savories they are offering. They have a Salad Bar wherein you can choose from a selection of fresh, crunchy greens, tasty dressing, and other ingredients to make your salad even yummier than you plan it to be.

Right beside the Salad Bar is a ginormous chunk of Australian Beef Rump alongside a bunch of their main offerings such as the Braised Beef in Marsala and Mushroom, Baked Mahi Mahi with Cajun Dill Sauce, Chicken Makhanwala, Dhingru Matar, Mapo Tofy, Sanghai Noodles, Thai Green Curry Chicken, as well as Salt and Pepper Pork.

Beside those are their pasta dishes as well as more mains that are leaning more into the Filipino cuisine. For their pasta, you will be slurping non-stop once you get to choose your noodles and sauce which are Bechamel Sauce, Chef Kiko’s Signature Pasta Bicol Inspired Sauce which absolutely is a must-try, and Tomato Sauce.

While for the Filipino dishes that are no doubt an innovation, you will be able to choose from Binalot na Laing, Vegetable Adobo Lasagna, Kansi Soup, Seafood Pochero Soup, and Spareribs comes with Sesame Oil Light Soy Sauce, Calamansi Puree, Black Vinegar, and Chili Oil. You can also delight in some Asian faves like the Miki Batchoy, Bihon Longganisa, Crispy Pancit Canton, Siopao, and Lo Mai Kai.

Just right at the corner of it is their Seafood Bar wherein you can delectably dive into the bountiful taste of crabs, shrimps, mussels, and of course, different types of fish. Once you get to choose whatever seafood you want, they would gladly cook it for you in regards to how you want it cooked or you can also ask them to surprise you. 

From all those, jump to their Carving Station that we know has got your mouths watering. Here you will be drooling for their Lechon, Chicken Inasal, and Liempo. You can pair those with atsara, pickled radish, and cucumber vegetables, plus you can dip your meat into their toyomansi, spicy soy sauce, and add up some tomatoes, onions, fried squid, dilis, and danggit.

For more filling options, of course, we know you are going to throw a tantrum when you don’t get to have your carbs; and so with that, get a plate of their plain rice and Binagoongan, Salted Egg with Dilis Fried Rice. Level those up with more Filipino options like their Spicy Kalderetang Kambing, Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Afritadang Manok sa Pinya, Kare-Kare Truffle, Paksiw na Mahi, Bangus ala Pobre, as well as Adobo sa Gata Suso.

Lastly, to easily chomp those down, take a huge swig of their driunks like the Coffee Jelly, Buko Pandan, and Melon. You can also watch out for their Tropical Gulaman which is their adult take on  a gulaman as this one is of an alcohol mix.

You might also want to wait for their Fresh Lumpia on the Wheels from which they will be making some lumpia goodness of your choice right in front of you, leveling up your Filipino feast experience.

For desserts, you will be able to make your own strawberry scramble. You can also definitely go back to the first station you have seen upon entering because as we have said, that is where you will be getting some cakes, sundaes, and ice cream teppan.

Truly, this Sunday Fiesta of Sheraton Manila Hotel’s S Kitchen is something you would not want to miss out on as it is worth every penny of the Php 2500 price wherein you will be enjoying a feast beyond the usual buffet that would expand and elevate the Filipino cuisine alongside a global spread from 12PM to 3PM.

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Address: 80 Andrews AvenuePasay City, Philippines

Contact Number: Call (02) 902 1800

Sunday Fiesta of Sheraton Manila Hotel’s S Kitchen Hours of Operation: 12PM to 3PM

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