You will gladly take a delicious bow once you get to taste Lucky China Town’s Comrade Bao

We drove going to Binondo – that is one thing we cannot deny. But then again, being in Binondo, we decided to go for the classic explorer vibe which was walking, strolling, and just taking everything in. While walking and deciding where to next, we stopped and realize how the newest craze, Comrade Bao, is actually in town.

Located at Lucky China Town, Comrade Bao blends really well with not only the place, but the people as well as many folks get to check out what they are offering and actually watch in awe as their orders are being made – just like how we were when we found ourselves ordering each of their offered dish!

Being able to have a taste of this beforehand, we indeed have our favourites already, but of course, we did not stop ourselves from having more of them too! We started with their cuapaos, specifically their Liempotim one which is undeniably the champ!

From Liemptim, we continued digging into their Shredded Beef Pares Cuapao as well as their Chicken Teriyaki one because each has a certain taste to it that is just downright easy to love especially when drizzled with their special sauce, giving that delicious punch.

Now we thought, what we only wanted was some delectable snacks, but as we have been walking for some minutes, we gave into our carb cravings! Comrade Bao also has an offering of yummy Rice Bowls which also comes in liempotim, beef pares, as well as chicken teriyaki.

These three variants has made our Comrade Bao experience even more sumptuous that it already is. It is not, after all, bad finding solace and love with food – probably our most trustworthy compadre in times of stress and even sadness.

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Featured Branch: Comrade Bao – Lucky Chinatown Mall

Address: Lucky Chinatown Mall, 1006 Lachambre St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila

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