You Will Surely Want To Get Locked Up Here At The Vault

If you have been to either of the branches Tittos Latin and BBQ has, you would probably know by now that they have a hidden bar in both and it’s for you to find where it is located. For their Greenhills branch, the bar is called Vault and if the decision is on us, we are going to have ourselves locked up in there until we had a fill of their delicious bar chows and delectable drinks. 


As much as we wanted to drink on our last visit, we knew we could not because we had a long day ahead of us and we had to have a clear headspace for it. However, that still did not stop us for having the best time with their bar chows, of course, because aside from having a clear headspace, we also needed extra energy for our day ahead. 

Truffle Parmesan Fries

We gladly reached for their Truffle Parmesan Fries (Php 275) to begin with. This is a plate of housemade fried with spice mix  truffle oil, and parmesan snow, alongside aioli sauce. Starting with this was a correct move on our part since we are fans of truffle. We just adore the depth of flavor it adds to a dish and undeniably, it made this plate of fries elevate more. 

Beef Rib Crackling

Next we munched on their Beef Rib Crackling (Php 375). This is a serving of crispy beef cube glazed with sweet soy, and a side of spiced vinegar as dip. The mix of sweet and sour tones this dish has was truly a delight! Plus, we enjoyed the crispy action it provided us in every bite. 

Vault’s Skewers

Since we loved that meaty treat, we decided to also go for Vault’s Skewers which can include Grilled Angus (Php 150), Wagyu Cubes (Pho 125), Chicken Mojo (Php 80), Oriental Pork Sausage (Php 130), Salmon Belly and Leeks (Php 80), Crispy Butterfly Squid (Php 70), and 3 Cut Pork Skewer (Php 70). Do take note that at least three sticks of any of these should be ordered, if you wish to have a taste of them too. 

Chicken Wings

Truly, this was yet another hooray moment with Vault! Their bar chows were undeniably tasty and we even got some complementary Chicken Wings, and we bet they would go really well with any of their drinks. Know more about Vault’s drinks and bar chows by visiting their Facebook and Instagram

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