You Will Surely Want to Set Camp At Camp Sugar

Next to a hug, the thing that brings us comfort is a baked goodie. They are just so easy to love, right? Pastries have the power to shoo away the heaviness that a tiring day has brought you. Each bite is like a sweet embrace from someone you love that you have been craving for after a long day. If that’s the kind of thing you want to end your day with, then grabbing some delectable dessert bars from Camp Sugar is just perfect!

Camp Sugar is an online food store that highlights lovely baked treats such as brownies, s’mores, and churros. With that, a number of people have actually professed their love for Camp Sugar and their dessert bars – and of course, one of those people is us.

We were able to snatch a bunch of dessert bars from Camp Sugar and those squares are absolutely delicious! They come in two different flavors that have three types each. Camp Sugar’s yummy dessert bars are of Belgian Chocolate Brownies and Fudgy Matcha Bars! Yum, right?

Their Belgian Chocolate Brownies come in Fudged Up (16 Bars Php 300 | 8 Bars Php 175) which is a classic brownie with a crispy top, S’mores (16 Bars Php 400 | 8 Bars Php 220) which is a delectable chocolate bar with toasted mallows and chocolate chips on top, as well as Walnut Fudge (16 Bars Php 350 | 8 Bars Php 200) which is like the first two dessert bars but has walnuts in it. Such a tasty treat for chocolate lovers, indeed!

Meanwhile, their Fudgy Matcha Bars come in Green Thing (16 Bars Php 300 | 8 Bars Php 175) which is a straightforward and delicious matcha bar, Matchallows (16 Bars Php 400 | 8 Bars Php 220) which is a matcha bar with toasted marshmallows, and Almondcha (16 Bars Php 350 | 8 Bars Php 200) which has almonds in it. A yummy adventure for matcha fanatics, yes!

Camp Sugar really has scrumptious dessert bars you won’t be able to resist. Enjoy them before someone else gets to grab them first. Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more details!

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