Your favorite Ranch Style Corned Beef by Delimondo now comes in Caldereta!

Never underestimate the power of canned goods! It’s a quick and yummy way to make a hangry tummy into a happy one.

There is no denying that the most Filipino household won’t be complete without the presence of canned goods, because after a long day at work, they just want a good meal to satisfy them and uplift their tiresome bodies. Proud to be a home-grown Filipino brand, Delimondo has been recognized and loved around the globe. Their brand is not just about canned goods, but rather of curated products made from choice ingredients, packed in convenient serving sizes.

Their Ranch Style Corned Beef is really what made the noise for them which is not a surprise because this premium corned beef is made the old-fashioned way with 100% pure beef cut in long shreds and cured with select spices through a special process, ensuring its unique flavour that goes more than well with everyone’s favourite corned beef recipe. Try their Caldereta variant; add some potatoes and carrots and it is just perfect!

Delimondo truly believes that oh-so-delicious, high quality food is far from being complicated as it is rather simple and straightforward. With the success of their corned beef offering, Delimonded had added a whole lot more to their offering such as sausages, sauces, pates, oils, and dips to their wide array of product line. However, they are not stopping there yet, because they continue to create innovative and exciting products that their patrons – even the pickiest of palates – could not say no to!

From their Ranch Style Corned Beef, try out their different Pasta Sauces! These will make their patrons save time from making their own sauces. Their Bolognese, Pesto, and Fettuccine are just so good that the only regret someone will have is not trying it out, so ready those slurping skills, because Delimondo made sure that’s hot it is going to be.

Delimondo is one of those brands that have been made from the ground up – they did come from humble beginnings as they have started in weekend markets, so now that they are widely available in Delimondo stores, leading supermarkets, and even online says a lot about them – and that is they are and their products are more than just good!

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