Your Mornings Are Always Good With Le Blanc Hotel & Resort

Our quick weekend staycation with Le Blanc Resort and Hotel was definitely one for the books. There was a typhoon and clearly from the windows we could see how dark and angry the sky was, but undeniably, Le Blanc Hotel and Resort provided us not only a safe shelter from it all, but also a comfortable and relaxing experience. The staff made sure that we are cozy at all times and that all our needs and wants were met, including of course, the satisfaction of our appetites. 

As we have said, it was just a quick getaway and honestly, we just spent one night with Le Blanc Hotel and Resort. That said, we still did not let the rain get the better of our stay so we also made sure to still enjoy the amenities and offerings of the hotel. They are beautiful, after all!

Our Breakfast

On the morning of our second and last day with Le Blanc Hotel and Resort, we were greeted with a delicious good morning as their breakfast buffet actually happens from 6AM to 10AM at their lovely The Bistro Pop-Up Cafe. Indeed, the mouthwatering breakfast spread and the undeniable charm of this restaurant got our hearts in an instant! If you have been here, you sure know what we are talking about!

For one thing we were offered drinks right away. Le Blanc Hotel and Resort’s The Bistro Pop-Up Cafe has fresh juice, milk, hot chocolate, and of course, coffee ready to be grabbed first thing in the morning. Morning drinks are truly a convenience that should not be overlooked, right? 

Salad Bar, Cold Cuts, and Fresh Fruits

With the drinks come some light breakfast options such as cereals; seasonal fruits like banana, watermelon, orange, pineapple, grapes, pear, strawberries and kiwi; and salad which is a make-your-own as they had leafy greens and cold cuts ready. There’s enough to choose from, really!

Breads and Spreads

Of course, Le Blanc Hotel and Resort also has freshly baked goodies up for grabs! They prepared their well-loved waffles, spanish bread, banana bread, and cheese roll which you can pair with a selection of jams and butter. You could also even reach for their sapin-sapin on the side while you are at it. 

Another freshly baked treat to not miss out on is none other than their Pizza! That’s right, Le Blanc Hotel and Resort’s The Bistro Pop-Up Cafe has pizza in their breakfast spread and it’s not just of one flavor, but two: their 4 Cheese Pizza as well as their Pizza Margherita.

Chicken Adobo
Hungarian Sausage and Fried Danggit
Arroz Caldo

Meanwhile, if you are more of a heavy breakfast kind of person, then you head straight on their delicious trays of main dishes. Here we were able to get servings of their Chicken Adobo, Hungarian Sausage, and Fried Danggit which of course, we paired with a tasty more-than-one-cup of Garlic Rice. We also did not say no to their Arroz Caldo just because!

Arroz Caldo with Fried Danggit
Pancit Canton

Surely, this breakfast that was hosted by Le Blanc Hotel and Resort and The Bistro Pop-Up Cafe was downright satisfying. If you want to experience this too, then make sure to check out Le Blanc Hotel and Resort’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more information.

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