You’re never leaving your chair when you dine at Sandtrap Café by Culinary Adventures

Mount Malarayat Golf and Country Club’s Sandtrap Café by Culinary Adventures Inc. is a delicious promise of comfort and home in a splendid setting that is refreshing. With a spacious location that is airy and surrounded by a beautiful view of greeneries and blue skies, dining with Sandtrap Café will absolutely bring you to a relaxing takeaway filled with flavors, spices, and incredible memories that you would cherish for a lifetime.

That being said, Sandtrap Café made sure you will be able to love up Filipino dishes, both traditional ones and ones with a twist. Indeed, they have brought their own take to each of the dishes without losing touch from its roots still, so if you are up for that kind of appetizing adventure, then sit down and ready your bellies to get stuffed and your hearts to be happy.

Their Chicharon Bulaklak (Php 200) which is a plate of deep-fried ruffle fat served with chili garlic vinegar and their Sisig Pansit which is under their Sauteed Mixed Noodles (Php 320) are a splendid way to kick things off at Sandtrap Café. You can pair that up with warm bowls of Molo Soup (Php 250) which is a classic Filipino soup made with ground meat and shrimp dumplings cooked in homemade chicken broth, as well as Lomi (Php 195 | with Bagnet Php 295 | with Seafood Php 310) which is a popular Batangas thick noodle soup, topped with thinly sliced pork liver, fried pork, and boiled egg to warm up your tummy.

Besides those two lovely soup dishes, Sandtrap Café also has two more dishes that could bring you some warmth and joy. Their Beef Bulalo (Php 1200) which is slowly cooked until tender and is served with corn on the cob, and leafy vegetables, as well as their Sinaing na Tulingan (Php 250) which is Batanguenos’ pride braised mackerel which you can also have fried upon request are great heavy choices you could have.

After that, if you are the kind of person who lives for breakfast dishes, then Sandtrap Café is the perfect place to be because they have drool-worthy breakfast plates ready for taking. Their popular Sunrise Breakfast (Php 450) is a choice of tasty protein served with garlic rice, two eggs any style, sliced fruits, chilled juice, and coffee. Our two picks for this one were the Beef Tapa and the Crispy Vigan Longganisa!

To turn this into a savory journey, Sandtrap Café’s Callos (Php 550) which is of ox tripe and feet slow-cooked in paprika infused tomato sauce; Kalderetang Kambing (Php 780) which is a hearty stew of goat meat, root vegetables, bell peppers, and liver sauce, spiced with red hot chilies; and Lengua Estofado (Php 450) which is of braised ox tongue in mushroom and garlic demi-glace won’t disappoint you! On top of that, these three saucy viands would be a wonderful pairing to steamed rice.

If you are looking for something to really indulge in, though, then you better be ready for Sandtrap Café’s Bagnet (Php 450) which is deep fried cured pork belly served with steamed rice as well as Lechon Belly (1300 per kilo) which is a mouthwatering serving of pork belly with crispy and crunchy skin alongside tender meat. These two are absolutely showstoppers so better not miss out on them!

Sandtrap Café by Culinary Adventures Inc. will surely not break their promise as their dishes are all wonderfully and meticulously cooked by their kitchen staff and of course, Chef Chester Piluden. They even have some delectable pastries up for grabs such as Raisin Bread, Toasted Siopao, Chicken Empanada, Corned Beef Pandesal, and Chocolate Cake – downright yum, if you ask us!

Check out and visit Culinary Adventures Inc.’s Facebook and Instagram to know more about Sandtrap Café. You can also check out Mount Malarayat Gold and Country Club’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website to make you experience even more revitalizing and unforgettable.

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