Yoyows is here to serve happiness to your tummy!

More than just filling your huge appetite, Yoyows is all about serving happiness to your tummy by being a one stop shop wherein you will be able to find a thing or two that would satisfy your cravings. Offering all-time Pinoy favorites, Yoyows really is ready to give your palate the flavor and the adventure that it has been longing for.

Have you tried to shake off the feeling of having something delivered right to your doorstep? Well, if you really want to put a stop to that, better be quick and grab Yoyows’ Bagnet (Small Php 280 | Large Php 520). Made fresh, frozen, and ready-to-cook, all you have to do is to deep fry this and ta-dah, enjoy that crisp, crunch feel in every bite!

Other than their Bagnet, another bestseller is none other than their Seafood Pasta Sauce (Small Php 300 | Large Php 550). You have pasta noodles at home? Just heat up this Seafood Pasta Sauce by Yoyows and add it to your noodles. This one would have you tasting that rich seafood taste, checking off that being one with the sea box on your cancelled summer to-do list.

Yoyows is more than just these bestsellers of theirs, though! They have an array of offering that will absolutely have you placing your own order in no time. They got Chilis, Condiments, Meats, Salmon, and even Drinks!

If you are curious about the specifics of what Yoyows is offering, do check their Facebook and Instagram pages, or you can also go straight to their Website and just place an order already. For inquiries, you can also dial +639063979254.

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