Zark’s Burgers satisfying your cravings twice at a time!

No need to wonder whether a pizza and a burger could go well together, because Zark’s Burgers is here to prove you right!

Have you ever thought of just mashing pizza and burger together? If you haven’t, well then we sure have now made you think about it, right? Whoopsie. Sorry, but we really are not sorry, because along with your cravings for pizza and burger comes Zark’s newest item!

Zark’s Burgers is known for their, well, burgers, and burgers sure are a hit. But then again, another crowd favorite dish is pizza and being able to have both yummies — burger and pizza — together is indeed food heaven. And if being an angel in that food heaven sounds like a dream, then say hello to Three Pepperoni Burger by Zark’s Burger!

With Zark’s undeniably meaty and tender signature juicy burger patty, smothered with not one, not even two, but three cheese types, namely mozzarella, cheddar, and cheese sauce, and topped with pepperoni, you can sink your teeth into the Three Cheese Pepperoni for only Php 229.

Get this delicious offering alongside some additional sides, like fries, and enjoy it in the comfort of your home as Zark’s Burgers is available for delivery via Foodpanda, GrabFood, and LalaFood. 

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