Zoo Coffee: Unique Coffee Experience in the North

If you’re the type of person who keeps on looking for cafes with instagrammable spots and good food, then you may want to try Zoo Coffee. Zoo Coffee is a Korean coffee chain known for its safari-themed interiors.

Zoo Coffee has currently 3 branches in the Philippines. We were at the opening of their 3rd branch in Ayala Malls Vertis North last month, and we enjoyed everything that we had. But before we go to the food, let us first describe the place.



Zoo Coffee lives up to its name by providing its customers a safari-like setting. There are different types of stuffed toys around the café. Our favorite would be the panda, tiger, and the giraffe.

There is also a huge tree in the middle of the café, which added to the zoo-vibe of the place. The servers are dressed in a safari uniform as well. Everything is just spot on!



We were given the liberty to choose our own drink during the event. Being green tea lovers, we had their Green Tea Frappe. It’s bitter and sweet at the same time. We love how Zoo Coffee helps in the environment by using paper cups instead of plastic ones.

We also had the chance to taste their Café Mocha, and it was pretty good as well.


Food and Desserts

Zoo Coffee is more than just a coffee shop. They have an extensive menu for food which includes waffles, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and hotdog meals. We were able to try their Mango Waffle and it’s the bomb! We truly recommend their waffles! Everything is just delicious!

For pasta, we tried their Chicken Penne in Chunky Tomato Sauce. It was filling as the serving size is good for two. For sandwiches, our favorite would be their Beef Pastrami.


And did we say that they also serve bingsu? Get their Double Berry Bingsu as it’s berry berry good! Pun intended! 🙂


Expect to have more Zoo Coffee branches in the future as they are planning to expand and add 2 more branches this year. Good luck and thank you, Zoo Coffee!

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