Experience your Very Own Chinese Feast in Sha Tin Courtyard

Everybody loves Chinese food. Like how you always see the characters in your favorite TV Show “order Chinese”, and how you would always have occasional cravings for good dim sum, there’s a reason why everyone loves the mouthwatering flavors of Chinese Cuisine. But of course, not all cooking is the same – lucky for us, we found one of the best places where you can satisfy that hunger that only good Chinese food can fill.Sha Tin Courtyard is an elegant place located at Del Monte Ave, Quezon City that offers a myriad of authentic delectable Chinese dishes. We had the opportunity to sample some of their best offerings and it is definitely some of the best Chinese food that we have tasted.You’d feel like you’re instantly transported to China with their classy interior. It’s spacious, cozy and a perfect spot to dine with your family or even a big group of friends. I really love the Chinese lamps hanging from ceiling, it imbibes a special feast sort of feeling – whichb is exactly how it would be once you get to experience their food.If dim sums are your thing, they have the greatest collection of dim sum dishes that would make your mouth water. You might even have a hard time deciding which one to try first, but we guarantee that whichever one you pick, your taste buds would be treated with a burst of flavor. From our all-time favorite siomai and hakaw to exciting new treats like the Seafood Sotanghon Rolls, Crystal Prawn, and Lu Mai Wo, all your dim sum cravings will be satisfied.If you are looking for unique flavors to try, you could fill yourself with some of Sha Tin’s finest cuisines, like the pigeon, the pipa duck, and the duck fruit along with other choices of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. Your eyes and your tummy would definitely have a blast because not only do these food look great, they absolutely taste exquisite too.Needless to say, Sha Tin Courtyard is the place to go for that well-deserved Chinese food trip that you are craving for. Don’t forget to follow them on their social media @shatin.courtyardph for news and updates on their promos.

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