Get playful and casual with Eightynine Café’s continental cuisine with a modern twist!

When the airport tells you to arrive two hours before your flight, you definitely should – if not even earlier, because you do not know what might happen, you might get stuck on traffic and miss your flight which is undeniably such a bummer so please, trample Filipino time and follow the schedule.

That being said, with all the travelling we have been doing, we try our best to be on time with our flight schedule, sometimes we even get to be extra early hence having to face the dilemma of killing time. But then again, better to face that dilemma than a missed flight, right? Anyway, as we our waiting for our flight back to Manila here in Puerto Princesa, we decided to kill the time with our fave past time: eating!

Eightynine Café is our choice of dining place and we could say we enjoyed our time with them. With a mix of rustic and minimalist interior, Eightynine Café would no surprise be great for studying and doing some hustle while enjoying a delectable mug of joe.

Having some wooden tables and chairs alongside a bar counter with simple bar stools for seating, the place has a refreshing vibe as the splash of color green from some plants adds a little umph to the place making it more of a relaxing sanctuary than it already is.

Going for a bit of heavy meals, we got to have a few of their pastas such as their Lechon Pasta and their Truffle Rockefeller.

Lechon Pasta (Php 230)

The Lechon Pasta (Php 230) is a plate of delectable pasta noodles with creamy white sauce, topped with lechon, garlic, parmesan cheese, and egg yolk. While their Truffle Rockefeller (Php 230) is of pasta noodles as well but this one has truffle oil in homemade cream sauce, topped with chicken cutlet, wild mushrooms, and a sunny side up.

After having those, to sweeten things up, we grabbed their delightful Wintermelon Cheese Tea (Php 130) for drinks which had us totally in love with it as it has just the right sweetness and refreshing taste to it.

Plus, we also got to munch on their Death by Choco (Php 160) for dessert which is a yummy plate of double chocolate blackout cake loaded with 66% dark chocolate sauce. Truly, a delicious way to blackout!

Eightynine Café is really a marvelous dining space in the form of a chill and hipster coffee shop serving a number of breakfast goodies, tasty brunch treats, delectable specialty coffee, and a whole lot more. Also, they are the home of the ever-famous Unicorn Tears you have been hearing about, so when you find yourself in Puerto Princesa just like we did, head onto Eightynine Café and enjoy a drink or dine with them as well.

This cafe’ also have a Naga, Bicol Branch!

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Address: 420 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan

Contact Number: 0956 629 4599

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 6AM to 10PM

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