Guilt Begone: Snack on these Gelatos by Auro without your conscience guilt-tripping you in every mouthful

No need to call it a cheat day because with these, it’s not cheating!

Snacking is one of the things we are grateful exists. There are a lot of snacks out there, but during a hot and humid day, which happens to the Philippines almost everyday, there is just one thing we keep on reaching for that is both cold and sweet at the same – and that is none other than ice cream! Rainy season finally started, but we do still get days that make us sweat regardless if we are moving or not; and that’s just another reason to treat ourselves with more ice cream.

And as much ice cream is kind of a sinful treat to indulge in, we found something that lets us snack guilt-free. Auro finally released not one, not even two, but three delectable gelato flavors and we sure have stocked up on those the moment we heard about it.

The Vegan Strawberry (Ph480) is a delicious, velvety adventure of strawberries harvested fresh from Baguio, alongside and Auro’s well-loved cacao butter. If you love that delightful cacao taste, their Salted Caramel with Cacao Nibs (Php 450) is a journey of creamy caramel gelato with just the right dash of salty and crunchy fun – all thanks to dark chocolate-covered cacao nibs. And of course, is this really Auro without their famous chocolate? Indeed it is not, sweetie, so here is the Vegan Chocolate Gelato (Php 480) which is all about that classic and go-to rich, dark chocolate gelato that is just so hard to say no to and we really don’t have to say no to this as it is not as sinful as a chocolate gelato.

Photo by Auro Chocolate

Anyway, if choosing which one to go for is just a decision so hard for you to make or rather you would rather not make, then know that you can go for all the three flavors as there is such a thing called Auro’s GelaTRIO Bundle (Php 1450)!

You can def grab Auro’s gelato pints and bundle via their website, but do note that they only currently deliver to Metro Manila residents.

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*Featured Photo by Auro Chocolate

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