#BestMeEver: A Book To Inspire

Was there a time in your life that you’re too stressed to think positively anymore? Like you just wanted to disappear and hibernate for a while? Was there a time that you needed someone to talk to but all your friends were suddenly not available? We all had bad days and we’re pretty sure that we’ll experience more in the future as life is just like that – a roller coaster ride that we must survive and learn from. All we need is positivity to move forward – and we think we’ve found a perfect book that gives that.


We recently attended the book launch of #bestmeever. It’s a collection of positive and inspiring quotes all originally made by Myke Celis. To those who do not know Myke, he is the Managing Director of PerCX Advertising, Events and Casting Agency. He is a proud U.P Diliman alumnus, and a Marketing and Advertising Practitioner for 16 years. He is also a part-owner of Smell Chic Home and Body Care and The Hair Lounge Salon. He is also the author of 100 Life Lessons For Success: Shout Outs for One’s Sensibilities.


Being so successful as he is now, one might ask when and how #bestmeever started? It all started after the author’s traumatic break up in 2014. During the same year, he discovered that his very close friend from College betrayed him. It was a bad year for Myke and he needed an outlet for him to move forward. Writing was his coping mechanism back then. The hashtag was actually #bestyearever but he figured out that it wasn’t about the timeline of when he’ll be okay. It’s about himself – the best version of himself.


So what’s so special about the book?

It’s a mood booster. It’s a book to inspire. It’s meant to make everyone be positive about life. It’s uplifting. It’s a source of affirmation when in doubt. It’s a book for you to appreciate yourself more.



As a sneak peek, here are the ten quotes that Myke loves and can be used to achieve one’s best version of himself.

  1. Your #bestmeever is no one else’s business.
  2. There is no exact timeline to follow when becoming your #bestmeever.
  3. With self-love, comes self-worth. Nurture it.
  4. You can’t please everyone. Don’t even try. But you can always please yourself by being your best.
  5. Your positivity and integrity will bring you further in life. Never compromise them.
  6. When doors close, other windows, doors and even the roof will open. If not, create your own door.
  7. You define your own success. Don’t base it on someone else’s.
  8. If you listen to each and every comment others have about you, you’ll never find your true self.
  9. You have at least one thing to be grateful for daily. Don’t settle for the minimum.
  10. You always have the choice. Don’t be afraid to go for what truly makes you happy and complete.



We’re so glad to have attended this book launch. Myke has inspired us to look at the brighter side of everything. We have read the whole book and shared it to our friends. Yes, it is worth sharing.


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