Eat everything that is magnificent here at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar’s Café Marivent

After sleeping like a baby on our comfortable, soft beds wrapped like a burrito with our fluffy comforters, we were greeted by a really good morning as the sun was bright and beaming welcoming and embracing us for another wonderful day filled with fun activities and awesome food adventure in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

Feeling fresh and ready to take on the day, we went outside our room and waited for a jeepney that would deliver us to our first destination for our second day stay in the wonderful heritage resort. Onto our first destination, we are all excited as we know there is no other perfect way to start our day than to have a lovely breakfast.


In this case, though, it is not only going to be a lovely breakfast, that’s for sure, because what is actually waiting for us is a breakfast meticulously prepared by Las Filipinas de Acuzar’s Marivent Café, which is located at the second floor of Casa New Manila, with a spectacular view of almost the whole heritage resort and the crisp, blue sky, which seemed like a promise of a wonderful day.

Marivent Café takes a traditional approach to Filipino and Spanish cuisines, reminding us of summers in the province when meal was served on a long table, may it be in the grand and flawless dining room or in the charming backyard.


With that and with us drooling, we first started with something light but definitely tasty and a favorite, nonetheless; the Wedge Crab Fat Caesar with In-House Thick Cut Bacon and Poached Egg was definitely packed with that crunch punch in every forkful, while the bacon surely was tender and easy flavorful.


Following that with a hearty and delightful dish that undeniably has that kick of spice, the Cashew and Corn Flakes Breaded Cheese Sticks with Spiced Roasted Tomato Concasse was a splendid combination of texture and burst of delectable flavors.


The next dish we gobbled down was a delightful stew that is sure to pleasure the senses and warm not only the belly, but the heart as well, the Seafood Cioppino with Crispy Fried Shrimp was something we really enjoyed as this tasty stew is filled with generous serving of different seafood.


For a heavier fill, do not worry because Cafe Marivent has that famous rice dish that is loved by many and has ancient roots which has gone by and has been passed throughout different generations, the Paella Velenciana is a happy marriage between mouth-watering seasoned rice and lip-smacking good seafood galore.


Now, who said we cannot have dessert for breakfast? No one can stop us especially when there are two yummy desserts made for us by Café Marivent. Being cheesecake fans, the Honey Citrus Non-Baked Cheesecake was such a surprise blend of zesty, fruity, and sweetness which we are not at all complaining about.


Sealing this deal with an enthralling kiss of another dessert, the Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Blitz was absolutely a drool-worthy dream with the exquisite taste of dark chocolate alongside the fun flavor and the crunch fun from the nuts.

After having that impressive breakfast with Café Marivent, we cannot agree even more how we were once again served with food that were either their bestseller or yet to be added in their menu and it was such a special experience we had tried; plus, it was more than just good food as the Chef and staff were very warm and accommodating which was indeed amazing!


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