Get intimate with a hearty bowl of authentic ramen at Butamaru Alabang!

Searching for a ramen place that you could really enjoy slurping knowing what you are slurping is authentic? Well, you have got to love this cozy ramen place in Alabang.

Butamaru won’t be what it is today if not for the owner’s passion for ramen which even led to his month long mission to Kyushu Island in Japan, starting with his sampling of tonkotsu broth inspired by the many variations of the Hakata style ramen for 16 hours.

Gyoza (Php 140)

From there, he met Master Artisan Sugimura of Menko Noodle Company in Oita and learned the art of making noodles; then came the birth of Butamaru, a lovely, cozy ramen shop that encourages you to enjoy your delicious bowl of ramen as soon as it is served.

Curry Gyoza (Php 150)
Toriten (Php 220)

But before digging into their ramen, grab some of their kickstarters such as their Gyoza (Php 140) which is Japanese style pork dumpling, their Curry Gyoza (Php 150) which is of aburi chashu with special curry paste, their Toriten (Php 220) which is tempura style fried chicken famous in iota with ponzu sauce, and their Katsugyozaki (Php 160) which is a plate of golden breaded gyoza balls, plated as takoyaki.

Katsugyozaki (Php 160)

After that, ready your slurping skills which Butamaru also encourages because it does not only helps cool the broth, but also aerates it, releasing a fuller expression of flavors that would make your ramen experience more enjoyable.

Shio Ramen (Php 320)
Shoyu Ramen (Php 350)
Shoyu Ramen (Php 350)

Turn up your Butamaru experience with their trademark dish which is ramen that are of different variants such as their Shio Ramen (Php 320) which is of salt flavored tonkotsu and their Shoyu Ramen (Php 350) which is of soy sauce flavored tonkotsu.

Spicy Miso Butter (Php 380)
Curry Tantanmen (Php 380)

For a more spiced up ramen experience, go for their Spicy Miso Butter (Php 380) which is spicy butter and miso flavored ramen and their Curry Tantanmen (Php 380) which is of spicy sesame, peanut and curry and which you can choose between mild or spicy.

Abura Soba (Php 290)
Kani Ramen Salad (Php 320)
Kaisen Ramen (Php 420)

Butamaru also have more noodle dishes that you undeniably would love as much, such as their Abura Soba (Php 290) which is a bowl of oil noodles topped with chashu, egg, bamboo shoots, and vegetables, their Kani Ramen Salad (Php 320) which is cold ramen noodles with fresh vegetables, alongside kani in mentaiko dressing, and their Kaisen Ramen (Php 420) which is a seafood ramen with prawn and fish fillet.

Takana Chahan (Php 220)

If you want more carbs to delight in, get giddy because they also have a bunch of rice dishes that you would undeniably adore just like their Takana Chahan (Php 220) which is their version of Japanese fried rice.

All the dishes here at Butamaru has a story, making each dish have a certain personality reflecting the personality of the people behind the ramen shop, more so the owner of it, and you can take pleasure more of their personality-filled, story-filled dishes with their Lunch Set Promo that is available every Monday to Friday, from 11:30 AM to 3 PM.

With the promise to stay to its roots, Butamaru continues to incorporate authenticity, tradition, and intimacy not only to the their space, but to each of their dish as well, so better watch out for the next surprise they are about to reveal real soon!

Featured Branch: Butamaru Westgate, Alabang

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Address: Westgate Center, CE405 Commerce Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1781 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 887 4255

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 1130AM to 10PM

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