Goto Believe is giving your goto a whole new look and you gotta come see and taste it!

Whoever said goto is for the sick can make his way to Goto Believe and finally crush that notion, because Goto Believe is an epic creation made by Sandra with the aim to debunk that now-false idea. Ironically, the goto of Goto Believe aims to give you a putok batok experience that surely you will enjoy and will keep coming back to, because just like the famous saying goes, “Masarap ang bawal.”, ayt?

This first branch of Goto Believe, which is standing for two years in Mandaluyong, is actually a house of theirs turned into a restaurant. This literal homey dining place is a whipped, colorful venue that is certainly a great host for quick catch up sessions and of course long hardcore chikahan. With tables and chairs comfy enough for memories to be made, Goto Believe has a lot of delectables to offer that are not only of goto.

Goto Believe is absolutely popping with fun hues and playful vibes which even their menu is oozing with as it is made like a flowchart starting with you choosing between Wet Goto or Dry Goto. From their Wet Goto, what we gorge down first was the classic Goto Heaven which comes with tuwalya, isaw, and taba ng baka, as well as 6-minute egg.

As that was something we just can’t say no to, we had another round of their Goto Heaven but this time we added chicharon bulaklak and 6-minute egg, too. Absolutely, one for the books!

From their Wet Goto, we next filled our tummies with their Dry Goto which is none other than their Goto Fried Rice. This one is really extraordinary as it has all those goto flavors all the while being a fried rice. Truly an amazing food innovation by Goto Believe!

If you got your whole fambam or your crowded barkada, then we suggest you order your table their OMG WET and OMG DRY bowls of goodies! These ones are really great for groups as these are both a hearty serving of their classic wet goto and dry goto, loaded with our all-time fave treats on sticks like betamax, isaw, among others.

Goto SIsig

Goto Believe is totally upping the goto gaming as they continuously are dropping delicious as well as innovative food bombs just like this Goto Sisig of theirs. This one is not your typical sisig nor it is a goto that has sisig which a lot of people apparently assume. This is called Goto Sisig because the meaty toppings you get from goto are actually the ones they used in order to come up with this. This yummy dish is a wonderful pairing with their goto fried rice, we promise.

Dragon’s Dynamite
Lumpiang Bold
Lumpiang Conservative

Other than their heavy options, you might want to add more for your gang which is not a prob at all as Goto Believe has a bunch of sides or add-ons for you! You might want to check out their Dragon’s Dynamite, their Lumpiang Bold, and their Lumpiang Conservative which are absolutely tasty munchies for you to delight in.

With a load of savories to devour, don’t you dare neglect your sweet tooth because you will regret it! Go for Goto Believe’s Champorado Cheesecake with Dilis and you sure are to love it in each and every mouthful.

Lecheng Avocado Shake
Hansel and Gretel Shake

Do you see it now? Goto Believe is not only taking the goto game up a notch but also their sweet offering, if not their whole menu. Want more of those? Worry no more, because they have Lecheng Avocado Shake which is a glass of fresh avocado shake with leche flan and Hansel and Gretel Shake which is a refreshing shake made with Hansel mocha biscuits alongside vanilla ice cream, serving you your childhood in a tall glass.

Goto Believe undeniably has a lot to offer and they even have a lot of things in their pipeline coming your way very soon, so watch out for that! For a fun and whipped dining experience, Goto Believe is no doubt the way to go, especially if you feel like getting in touch with your creative side, because you could create your own bowl or you could also opt for something they have prepped for you already – either way, you are going to love it!

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Address: 640 San Rafael St, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0917 701 5506

Hours of operation: 4PM to 11PM

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