Live Guiltfree with Frukost.

Don’t you just love snacking? Snacks no doubt bring you this unique sense of comfort that just shoos away all the stress that responsibilities have been bugging you with. Snacking is a quick escape from all the tiring tasks, the crazy-to-beat deadlines, and the overstepping demands that you need to meet and finish. However, most available snacks out there could sometimes bring you guilt when you realize you have been snacking non-stop since stress has been non-stop, too. No need to fret though, because if you have been thinking of incorporating some healthy food in your diet but you have no idea how or even where to start, then we got you; or better yet, Frukost. got you!

Frukost. offers all natural overnight oats and smoothies in a jar all for your taking. With the aim to provide healthy alternatives for snacks or to your rather sweet cravings, their products will definitely be great for whenever you feel like snacking any time of the day! With Frukost., you will surely be snacking guilt-free.

Currently, Frukost. has not only one, not even two, but three delish treats for you to snack on! These are their Overnight Oats, Smoothie Jars, as well as Yogurt Parfait.

Their Yogurt Parfait (Php 140) are layers of delectable yogurt together with their homemade granola, chia seeds, and more fruits. These goodie comes in three fruity flavors which are Mango, Strawberry, and Banana – and whatever you go for, you sure will be enjoying it!

To have more fruity faves, their Smoothie Jars (Php 170) are your next best bet! Come in Mixed Berries and Peach Mango, these Smoothie jars are actually power bowls in jar filled with all natural fruit smoothie, their yogurt and homemade granola, plus almonds and of course, more fruits.

However, if you are looking for a more filling treat or maybe something that will be your booster for the day, Frukost.’s Overnight Oats (Php 170) are heaven sent! With this you will be able to indulge in premium rolled oats, almond milk, super seeds, their homemade granola, almonds, and much more fruits, so better take your pick or maybe get all as this one comes in Peanut Butter Banana, Strawberry Banana, and Mango.

Truly, this Guiltfree Menu by Frukost. is such a fun, flavorful, and enjoyable way of snacking without feeling guilty, so if you are up for that, then don’t hesitate and check them out on both Facebook and Instagram for more details. Have fun!

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