Not A Secret: Moonshine Kitchen? The only crime of this speakeasy is being all sleek and sexy

Established in 2013, Moonshine offers a lot of dishes and drinks that can be seen in their full loaded menu. From pub chows, to mains, to lunch specials, to pizzas, to burgers and pasta, to soup and salad, and to desserts; one would definitely have something that would make their mouth water. And if that’s not enough, you can have an additional order from their sides and extras.

Basing from what they are offering, a mishmash of different cuisines are what their selections are. They have classic Filipino dishes, aromatic Italian food, and iconic American meals. You’ll definitely have a lot to choose from and order – a decision we won’t take against you. With interiors that can be described as posh and elegant, all you have to do is lean back onto your chairs, chill, and have more than just a good time. If Moonshine Kitchen is a person, it’s that sleek, handsome human being in an exquisite, crisp suit.


As this place is oozing with tastefulness, it’s no surprise dishes in Moonshine Kitchen are tasteful as well. First on our night of suave and plush is Moonlight Kitchen’s Glazed Bangus with Ensaladang Mangga. It’s a huge serving of whole boneless milkfish with a pickled green mango salad. Just by looking at it makes our lip smack already knowing it is one delicious dish, and us trying it out proved that it is indeed flavorful and fresh.


After having that lip smacking boneless bangus, we had their classic with a twist Beef Sinigang. It is a sour stew of tamarind and dalandan with tender beef and fresh watermelon. The subtle taste of watermelon gives just the right pop of color and freshness to the soup. With leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, and soft chunks of meat; this dish is certainly a hearty and refreshing one.


We already have had fish and beef, and so now we are up for some chicken. Moonshine Kitchen’s JFC is boneless fried chicken that comes with citrus coleslaw, served with house gravy, and creamy mashed potato. All meat and crispy fried chicken with three sides? We are not going to say no to that, rather we’re giving that a hard yes! The chicken is juicy and easy to bite and chew, the citrus coleslaw is a zesty additional, the house gravy is the perfect dip for the chicken, and the creamy mashed potato is something we appreciate so much. All in all, this meal is a favorite!




We suggest you try dining in or chilling out here in Moonshine Kitchen as they really have an array of dishes one would go crazy for, including their bar menu. If you are down for some drinking sesh with your barkada, Moonshine Kitchen is offering signature and classic cocktails, signature shooters, mojito, sangria, margarita, champagne, wine, and beer. However, if you are the designated driver for the night or even for the day, and/or you are not so much down to drink, have no worries because Moonshine Kitchen has non-alcoholic drinks and some mixers for the responsible you.

Moonshine Kitchen is absolutely a nice bar to chill in with your friends, an intimate place to have a date with, and a vibrant restaurant to have some fun with your family. With the ambiance being relaxed and comfy, you won’t notice how time passes by in here. Have a little downtime and order some chow and drinks here in Moonshine Kitchen. Enjoy all those with a gorgeous view at Ayala Center, Glorietta 2, Roofdeck, Palm Dr, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila.

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