Of Course You Can Rely On Mang Cesar For All Your Litson Needs and Wants!

Established on the year that probably was the start of a downhill journey for a lot, Mang Cesar is no doubt one of the redeeming qualities, if you may, of 2020. For two years now, they have surely shown how when you are down, there is no other way but up. They definitely are winning the Litson scene and it comes no surprise to us as their litson products are undeniably something to watch out for!

Mang Cesar is not joking when it comes to Litson. Currently, their menu is highlighting three Litson variants that you should not miss out on – Manok, Baka, and Baboy! All these you can get as is, with rice, or as bundle. No matter how you want to have them though, you will no doubt still love every scrumptious bite you take off of each.

As we have mentioned, Mang Cesar has three meat choices for you and so if you are always down for some meat, you sure will not be disappointed. Their Litson Manok or Roasted Chicken comes in Pepper/Spicy (1/4 Php 149 | 1/2 Php 199 | Whole Php 359) as well as Honey (1/4 Php 149 | 1/2 Php 199 | Whole Php 359) flavors. The Pepper/Spicy variant is perfect for when you want some kick of strong flavor while the Honey flavor is great for when you want a hint of sweetness in your meal.

Meanwhile, their Litson Baboy or Litson Liempo (Small Php 349 | Medium Php 599 | Large Php 1099) which is also known as Roasted Pork is a feast in its own right! This product of Mang Cesar’s will absolutely steal the spotlight on your table. On top of that, this one is great for when you have a get-together and it’s potluck themed.

Another showstopping dish by Mang Cesar is their Litson Baka or Angus Litson Baka (Small Php 399 | Medium Php 799 | Large Php 1549) also known as Roasted Angus Beef. Being this one is actually said to be Manila’s first angus litson baka, this certainly has become a crowd favorite! Tender, delicious, and no doubt satisfying, falling in love with this dish is certainly an easy thing to happen.

Indeed, Mang Cesar takes Litson seriously so you could no doubt depend on them for any litson needs and of course, wants of yours! Other than their litson products, Mang Cesar also has some sides and dips to pair your choice of Litson with. To see what these are, do check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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