Oh, for goodness’ sake! You gotta try For Goodness Cakes PH!

Tired of all the downers lately? Been stuck on your bed for the better part of your days? Getting your sleep, but still feel restless whn you wake up? Do you want something that is of a pick-me-up? Oh, for goodness’ sake, right? If you only had a way to cut it out, bring some sweetness in your life again, and maybe drizzle some of that sweetness on your lips, too, yeah?

Welp, friends, somewhere along the first paragraph, we actually have given you a hint. Oh, come on, don’t tell us you didn’t get it. For goodness’ sake, the answer is none other than For Goodness Cakes PH! Such an adorable name for a bakeshop, right? For Goodness Cakes PH is an abode for freshly home-baked sweets, so yes, you can get your sweet fix from them — may it be cakes, cupcakes, cookies of different variants, cheesecakes, and even brownies.

Food for the Gods (Php 400 per dozen)
Triple Decker Bar (Php 300 per dozen)

Other than those decadent treats, For Goodness Cakes PH also has some snackable treats and those are the yummies we had for merienda today. Oh, their Bars, namely their Food for the Gods (Php 400 per dozen) and their Triple Decker Bar (Php 300 per dozen); truly, we reveled in each chewy, crunchy bite of it as every bar of it also has this fudgy filling that goes really well with everything that it is already. We have been staying in our home for quite some time, so you bet these Bars were such an exciting thing for us.

Mini Caramel Walnut Tart (Php 400 per dozen)
Mini Caramel Walnut Tart (Php 400 per dozen)
Cashew Macaroon (Php 240 per dozen)
Cashew Macaroon (Php 240 per dozen)

Following that are their other pastries. These baked treats are a delight not only to the eyes, but also to the nose and of course, to the mouth. We loved how tasty these are. Their Mini Caramel Walnut Tart (Php 400 per dozen) has an in tact and at the same time crumbly pastry base that is so fun to eat. While their Cashew Macaroon (Php 240 per dozen) is soft and moist and every bite was like taking us into a dream filled with nothing but goodness. Both of these treats indeed had us going nuts — in a good way.

Get a taste of these sweet promises by For Goodness Cakes PH today, because these are undeniably a lovely way to wrap up a good meal or enjoy it on a delightful afternoon by the garden or even just snack on it while doing your own thing. Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages if you want to find out more of their delectable creations or you can contact them via their mobile number which is 09298005933.

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