Reese’s is now a Doughnut, thanks to Krispy Kreme!

Our all time favorite Reese’s has just recently team up with Krispy Kreme producing one great doughnut for everyone to be excited about!


Photo Credit: Food Beast


These Reese’s doughnuts were previously released in Australia last year and will now be available in the US.

According to Jackie Woodward, Krispy Kreme’s chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts “similar to our hot, fresh doughnuts, the matchmaking of chocolate and peanut butter is a delicious combination that consumers have enjoyed for generations”.



Photo Credit: Komonews

The Reese’s doughnut has been available since Friday, Aug. 4 for a limited time nationwide in the US.

Who knows, it might be available here in Asia and in the Philippines soon?


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