Relish in 2 bars under 1 roof: Savoy Hotel Manila has Zabana Bar and The Poolside Bar just waiting for you~

Hotels are truly a wonder – whether you are in one for a breather from all the work or you are in one to be able to get new inspiration and be able to do more work in a place where it is more chill, relaxed, and certainly no pressure, just like Savoy Hotel Manila.

With a hip place accentuated by colors that would surely add more pop of life to get more great and fun ideas flowing, your mind will be in its best state, and best with a serene mind is a happy tummy filled with yummy dishes which Savoy Hotel Manila definitely has some as well!

Dining at Savoy Hotel Manila will no doubt make you discover and share with people dear to you a fresh, new culinary experience, may it be an enjoying all-day tasty eats or indulging on smooth luscious drinks at night. When you are in the mood for a bit of a celebration, Savoy Hotel Manila’s Zabana Bar is just around the corner to hook you up with some delectable treat paired with great sips.

The Sticky Fried Chicken, the Chimichangas, the and the Szechuan Salt Pepper Squid are already such a variance of dishes unique in its own delicious way. From some tender, juicy chicken meat, jump onto some southwestern funky, spicy dish, and head onto a dish starring a delectable one from King Neptune’s world.

Szechuan Salt Pepper Squid

Sticky Fried Chicken


After eating all those, down it all with a few drinks, one of which is the Kaakit-akit, which is Zabana Bar’s special cocktail, and the other is just perf for the Pirates of Caribbean fan in you, the Jack Sparrow Shooter, both a fun way to end the night… or maybe even just start the night.

Jack Sparrow Shooter


With that, why cut the celebration short, right? Continue on, as you have finally finished up all your workload and you just want to end that busy day you had by having a lovely long night with your friends, because you know you deserve it more than ever, especially when you are in a space which ironically shouts lie low and unwind. Savoy Hotel Manila’s The Poolside Bar is exactly what it is and you won’t be able to help yourself but to delight by taking a dip while getting deep in every delicious sip.

Order up the Chicken Satay, the Savoy Club Sandwich, and the Cobb-sket Salad; which are all sumptuous and scrumptious in every mouthful as each are just lip-smacking good of a nomnom and is a lovey way to go for the night.

But wait, you can’t possibly end your night without giving your sweet tooth the sweet treat it needs and wants, right? And so, why not go for a mishmash of two well-loved goodies – the chocolate and the cake? The Savoy Chocolate Cake will hands down take your breath away, if not sweep you off of your feet or even blow you away, as this one is the total bomb of moist choco loco that you will, in a snap, go loco for!

Truly, your stay at Savoy Hotel Manila will be extra special and extra memorable when you get to dine with them and experience an exquisite meal time – may it specifically be with Zabana Bar, The Poolside Bar, or their very own Savoy Café wherein you can savor the taste not only of Western cuisine, but also of Asian cuisine all day long.

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