Serving up Double Ds: Dining and Drinking has never been this fun, all thanks to Gaja Korean Kitchen and The Odd Seoul

There is no denying that Korean cuisine has taken the Philippines by storm, especially with Unlimited Korean BBQ and grilling has popped all over the metro and even on some provincial areas.

With the hype of Unlimited Korean BBQ and grilling, Gaja Korean Kitchen would like to bring a different Korean concept that would bridge modernity and tradition. “Gaja” translating to “Let’s go” is literally an invite – to try out and experience more than just grilling meat and unlimited BBQ.

K-Taco (Php 350)
Kimbap Aburi (Php 375)
Deep Sea Pajeon (Php 480)

Welcoming you into the Korean cuisine, Gaja Korean Cuisine has appetizers to tease your taste buds. The K-Taco (Php 350) which is a plate of their house-made kimchi tortilla with Korean pulled pork and pickled vegetables, the Kimbap Aburi (Php 375) which is beef bulgogi kimbap wrapped with roasted seaweed, topped with cheesy lava aburi sauce, and the Deep Sea Pajeon (Php 480) which is a crisp Korean pancake with mixed seafood that should be dipped into their spicy Hwarang sauce are just a few of their must-try kickstarters.

Doenjang Jjiggae (Php 360)

Having some appetizers, Gaja Korean Kitchen also has soup such as the Doenjang Jjiggae (Php 360). This one is a hearty bowl of fermented soy bean paste soup with mushroom, tofu, cabbage, and can be of seafood or pork.

Honey Butter Chicken (Php 380)
Twice-Cooked Dakjjim (Half Php 450 | Whole Php 800)
LA Galbi (Php 750)

Satisfying more of your cravings for Korean flavors, you will absolutely devour their bestsellers such as their Honey Butter Chicken (Php 380) which is a twice-fried beer-battered chicken thigh fillets, honey butter sauce, almond, and pickled radish, their Twice-Cooked Dakjjim (Half Php 450 | Whole Php 800) which is twice cooked chicken poached in traditional Korean stock and then broiled to crisp up the skin, served with potato and carrot puree, and their LA Galbi (Php 750) which is of USDA Beef short ribs sous vided for 48 hours, grilled in a balance of sweet and salty flavors.

Korean Chili Lava Cake (Php 300 )
Korean Chili Lava Cake (Php 300 )

Topping it all off, this delectable treat is a mishmash of sweetness and spice that is a nice surprise. Their Korean Chili Lava Cake (Php 300) is a yummy plate of chocolate lava cake infused with Korean chili powder, served with vanilla ice cream.

Gaja Korean Kitchen is already an amazing dining concept that you really should not miss out on, but aside from that, they also have a not-so-secret secret bar that is worth more than just a shot or even a check out.

Behind what at first looks like a huge painting is a space great for both chill night and party time. The Odd Seoul has a wide option of drinks that you would totally indulge in.

They have Korean inspired cocktails, classic cocktails, and of course, other alcoholic beverages by the bottle.

Kimchi Sour (Php 295)

The Kimchi Sour (Php 295) is of soju, kimchi, almond, lemon juice, egg white, and dried rose. This one is inspired from Korea’s national dish and is made even better. It is a drink made of everything you love about kimchi with a lovely, enticing aroma, and just the right amount of buzz!

Smoking Tiger (Php 295)
Smoking Tiger (Php 295)

Another The Odd Seoul drink to try is the Smoking Tiger (Php 295) which is of soju, sherry, guava, smoke, and lemon juice. This one would tame your taste buds with a strong and brisk whiff of smoky flavors that definitely packs a punch.

And so, there you have it. Dining at Gaja Korean Kitchen will give you a deeper dive not only on Korean cuisine, but also a memorable experience of delicious, quality drinks at The Odd Seoul, so be sure to have this one as one of your must-visit dining and drinking places because you are certainly hitting two birds with one stone.

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Address: 8445 Kalayaan Ave, Makati, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0906 493 0799

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 2AM

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