The Gardens: Groveylicious Food Finds!

The Grove by Rockwell is a refined establishment located at the heart of Pasig city. To Alabang-girls like me, this is a place where I almost never venture into, mainly because it is way far from where I live in. However, my thirst for food adventure is too great for me to ignore, and it feels very satisfying to discover great places such as this – it makes the travel time, completely worth it!

The Gardens at the Grove mastered the art of presenting international flavors that pleased both my creativity and tummy. Dishes were marvelously crafted to perfection, from the moment it was served to the very last scoop. It was probably one of those moments where photos and words are insufficient to justify a writer’s overwhelming satisfaction. To start, I have cordially arranged the meals from breakfast, starters, main course and refreshments.

Acai Breakfast Bowl


Start your day right with this healthy set of Acai Berries, topped with delectable strawberries, cacao nibs, chia seeds, coconut and bananas. With a good mix, you can definitely finish this bowl without even realizing it!

Rum Glazed Banana Buttermilk  Pancake


Don’t worry about the rum, this fluffy set of pancakes are good to keep your mornings extra bright and delicious! Although the pancakes are good on its own, the banana topping added an extra burst of flavor that heightened the overall taste of this mouthful breakfast.

Couscous Salad


The Gardens are serious with their healthy choice of food for vegetarians and health-conscious customers. Couscous tossed with a set of diced apples, caramelized walnuts, fresh cherry tomatoes and raisins, this is a whole flavorful mix to add to your daily routine.

Mushroom Truffle Soup


I like mixing things with truffle, especially with fries- but often than not,  truffle can be too empowering if taken way too much. The Gardens have left a positive impression on me with regards to their take of truffle, with a mix of mushroom puree – it certainly balanced the general taste of this dish.

Gardens Brunch Pasta


With a mix of various aromatic herbs- this pasta is definitely one to remember! consisting of well-chosen vegetables and my all-time favorite zucchini, this is definitely one of the few ones I immediately had to try.

Paella Negra


This one came a little too crunchy for me, but it might be because the dish turned cold from hours of photo-taking. Flavored with squid ink, this Paella Negra is a famous Spanish recipe that has also became a hit for most Filipinos.

Seabass with Roasted Vegetables


Pan-grilled New Zealand Seabass paired with my beloved zucchini, infused with white pepper – screams nothing but DELICIOUS and ELEGANCE! The fish is not too dry and is oozing with yummy natural oils that alleviated even more, its already savory sauce.

Baked Egg Chorizo


Pair this chorizo with a flat bread and what do you get? A whole new way to enjoy your food. You’d be surprised to know that this one is actually infused with red wine.

Basil Lemonade


Refresh your mouth from the international flavors of the world with this invigorating lemonade! Don’t shy away and give this one a good sip – you’ll probably get hooked after that. 🙂


So there you go. The Grove by Rockwell might be known for its luscious condominiums and luxury interiors, but I was also quite surprised that there were restaurants there that give justice to the location’s exquisite design. Visit The Gardens at the Grove – and I promise it will be worth the trip – especially with a date?

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Gardens at The Grove

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