There’s No Party Like a Foodie Christmas Party – The Epicurean Christmas Party 2017  

We know this is long overdue but we literally won’t be able to move on without re-living and recalling last year’s Foodie Christmas Party at I’M Hotel.

Christmas is the time for celebration with drinks overflowing, a feast of the most sumptuous delicacies, fun moments with friends, family and coworkers. I guess a lot of people would agree when we say that Christmas could also be spelled F-U-N.

Well, that is definitely the case for us and a number of other foodies from different parts of Metro Manila as we celebrated the Epicurean Christmas Party 2017.

All the ingredients for an outrageous fun-filled party are present, so what more could be expected than half a day of nothing but happy memories.

Aerial 1
Captured By: @whattoeatph
Photo by Mary Love Siy ( )
Photo by Mary Love Siy ( )
Photo by Mary Love Siy ( )
Photo by Mary Love Siy ( )
Photo by Mary Love Siy ( )
  1. The Venue – We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect venue than the Antidote Rooftop Bar of the I’M Hotel. Offering both indoor and outdoor setting, we are set to enjoy the event rain or shine. The interior and exterior of the bar are both Instagram worthy and we definitely took the time to snap a lot of awesome photos with our friends. The most noteworthy asset of their design however, is the jellyfish aquarium which serves as the centerpiece of the bar. It is absolutely stunning, especially illuminated with brightly colored lights.
Photo By: @hungrytravelduo 

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Captured By: @missruth_
Captured By: @gomanila

2. The Games – A party would not be complete without fun and exciting games that would shake things up. We have human bingo, photo-competitions, and raffle games. But of course, these games wouldn’t be as fun without the support of the sponsors that provided us with awesome prizes that made the players extra competitive. Well, who wouldn’t be, if the prize at stake are GCs from awesome places like Raintree Group of restaurants, Overdough, Bai’s Boneless Lechon, West Town Coffee and Fat Daddy’s and amazing products from Stipps Chips, Lick Iced Tea, Gastronomy by Joy, Pan de Manila, Cadbury Chocolates, Danes Cheese Ball, Figaro, and Nutriasia. Surely, if you were there, you would run like hell to make sure you’d be the one to bag the prize.

Elarz Lechon Captured By:
Sisig Kanin Balls by The Broken Oven Specials Captured By:
Amici and Angel’s Pizza Captured By: Mary Love Siy
Yummy Gelatos from Gelatofix Captured By:

3. The Food! – If you organize a party to be attended by some of Manila’s brightest food bloggers, the most important thing would definitely be the food. Fortunately for us, we were blessed by the most sumptuous feast of delectable cuisines from our generous sponsors. Our tummies had their own gastronomic party with all the amazing food that was served from Perfecto Lechon, Elarz Lechon, Aminci PH, Party Toques, Vanderlust, The Broken Oven Specials, Mama Lou’s, Kenny Rogers, Angel’s Pizza, Tiens Ma’s, Crystal Jade Chinese Dining Restaurant, Bistro Ravioli, Gelato Fix, Empanada Mas, Lily and Rose Patry Trays and Antidote Bar’s Signature Dishes.

Photo by Mary Love Siy ( )
Photo by Mary Love Siy ( )
Photo by Mary Love Siy ( )
Captured By: @johnbunag

4. The Giveaway’s and Loot Bags – As the night comes to an end, we are all wearing a smile on our face as we were handed one by one our give aways or loot bags. Products and items that came from Stipps Chips, Lick Iced Tea, Pan De Manila, Cadbury Chocolates, Danes Cheese Ball, Figaro Coffee Mugs, Figaro Reserve Coffee Packs and Figaro Coffee Cards, Nutriasia’s Fry and Shake, Chocolate Bark and Balsamic Vinegar of Gastronomy by Joy.

5. The Prizes – Almost each and everyone didn’t go home without a prize. Thanks for the many sponsors who has given us gift certificates and vouchers. Most of us won gift certificates from Raintree Group of Restaurants, Overdough, Bai’s Boneless Lechon, West Town Coffee and Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse. Others who were very fortunate enough won an overnight Staycation with free breakfast at Luxent Hotel and one very lucky blogger won an overnight Staycation with full meals onboard at Hotel Jen Manila.

Aerial 3
Captured By: @whattoeatph
Aerial 2
Captured By: @whattoeatph

We definitely had a blast celebrating Christmas with our fellow food lovers so we hope they all enjoyed too. It’s definitely something that we are looking forward to experience again in the coming year because certainly, there’s no party like a Foodie Christmas party.

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