Check out this new chicken menu by Three Guys and a Grill!

We just can’t keep this to ourselves anymore! This one is about one of our fave burger joint, afterall! Three Guys & a Grill has finally branched out to South Woods and we know people there are all hyped up about it! Well, they really should be, because Three Guys and a Grill is such a bomb! With offerings of not only burgers, but hotdogs, rice meals, coffees, shakes, and now, even a new Chicken menu, people could bet Three Guys and a Grill really is something you could def call a bang for your buck.

Speaking of their new Chicken menu, all the chicken that Three Guys and a Grill use is sourced locally and free-range, as they only use lean breast meat and don’t use frozen or ever freeze the meat so as to ensure its freshness. That being said, you are sure to get a clean and top-quality dish!

As we sure love their burgers, let’s first talk about the two burgers from their new Chicken menu, shall we? The Garlic Chick (Php 250) is of a whole local free-range chicken breast fried to perfection, with lettuce, pickles and garlic mayo, in toasted potato bun while the Spicy Chick (Php 250) is also of whole local free-range chicken breast fried to perfection, with tomato, sriracha mayo, a drizzle of hot sauce and pickled jalapenos.

For these two chicken burgers, they have used whole skinless and boneless chicken breasts without cutting and slicing them to ensure all fibers stay intact. Then, they marinate those chicken breasts for a minimum of four hours in butter milk to soften the meat, and once marinated long enough, they drench those in their flour and seasoning mixture of several spices, wet them again in the marinade and coat them one more time in the coating mixture. Then, finally fry them right away to perfection in vegetable oil until its outside is crispy and its inside is done!

For more of that chicken goodness by Three Guys and a Grill, don’t pass on the Love Me Tenders (Php 150) which is a serving of chicken breast tenders, seasoned with lemon-pepper and fresh lemon juice, and is recommended to be dipped into their rich garlic mayo.

Of course, we are not going to dine in with Three Guys and a Grill without getting our favorite, the Tommy Burger (Php 200)! This one is of pure beef patty, toasted potato bun, crisp lettuce, onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, and of course, the three guys special sauce!

Surely, this one is another great food trip with Three Guys and a Grill! They have so much going on and you better check ‘em out real soon, if you haven’t tried any of their offerings, because you bet you are missing on some awesome stuff if you haven’t dine with them.

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Featured Branch: Three Guys and a Grill – Southwoods Mall

Address: The Food Hall, Southwoods Mall, Southwoods Ave, Biñan, Laguna

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