Bulalo should not be your only go-to when you are in Tagaytay, so find out what else should be your go-to here at All About Goto

Many people might say summer is the perf time for a getaway but being it just for two months long, we are not going to let that hinder us from traveling and bringing you guys along our trips, as we get to ride our way to Tagaytay and another near province you have got to find out so watch out!

All the hours spent driving has truly hit us and so we stopped by at All About Goto in which we got to taste the flavors of Merienda ni Nanay. Offering merienda, obviously, their dishes are a great pair to the cool rainy day Tagaytay was currently having.

Lugaw with Egg (Php 45)

While the wind was busy being all breezy, we snuggled ourselves up in a corner with delectable bowls of warmth with the aim to cozy up not only our tummies, but ourselves as a whole. We started with their Special Goto ni Nanay selection, particularly their Lugaw with Egg (Php 45) which really was as hearty and as tasty as their Arroz Caldo with Egg (Php 75) that has a cut chicken in it, making it more filling for our tumtums.

Dealing with the deliciousness of rice, of course, we are not to miss out on some of their noodle dishes, too, such as their flavorful Palabok (Php 85) that is undeniably saucy and has generous toppings as well as their Beef Mami (Php 95) which we just could not say no to as we kept on slurping and slurping and slurping, until what was left to us was an empty bowl.

Lumpiang Togue (Php 50)

Besides that, we also added to our snack time their scrumptious Lumpiang Togue (Php 50) which had our palate all giddy with all the crunch punch it has as well as the yummy taste it is sporting, especially when we dip it into vinegar, so better get your hands on this one, too, because you sure will be making a big mistake when you say pass to this.

Indeed, this stopover of ours was worthy because each and every thing we had here at All About Goto, we absolutely loved! Their offerings are really perfect for the weather here in Tagaytay since Tagaytay is known to have a cool weather, while the delectables here are mostly of piping hot porridge or soup, among others.

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  1. That’s how arroz caldo is supposed to look like, not some thick wall paper paste. Now I’m craving for some!

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