Check a variance of all-original Japanese specialty stalls out at this recently opened Modern Japanese Food Village

It is no secret that not only Japanese people love Japanese cuisine, many other nationalities like Filipinos seek comfort on Japanese delicacies. There is just this sense of lightness in delicious Japanese dishes that tugs the heart of people and so if you are one of those many people, make way for this recently opened modern Japanese food village in Poblacion: Platina!

Consisted of 16 original specialty stalls all the way from Japan, this two-storey food village will have you overwhelmed with a ton of delectable offerings you would want to get your hands onto and sink your teeth into, but do not worry because we are here to guide you and show you some of what you can go for here at Platina.

Assorted Namul (Php 200)

You can start with Dorago Yakiniku from which you can get their Sumo Special Platter (140g serves 2 Php 800) that is of sliced kalbi, barami, loin, tongue or their Assorted Namul (Php 200) that would have your taste buds salivating for more.

Tsuru Kame’s Carbonara Udon (M Php 290 | L Php 380)
TeppanYaki Ajinobo’s Ajinobo Special (Php 390)

To satisfy that craving of yours which is of more yumminess, get your fix with Tsuru Kame’s Carbonara Udon (M Php 290 | L Php 380) or TeppanYaki Ajinobo’s Ajinobo Special (Php 390) that is of shrimp, squid, beef, pork, beef tendon, egg.

Spicy Tuna Maki (Php 255)

If you are looking for some bite-sized goodness, then walk your way to Sakura Japanese Sushi and Sake Bar wherein you can have a fill of their Salmon Aburi Maki (Php 315) with aligue mayo or their Spicy Tuna Maki (Php 255) that comes with spicy mayo.

Kari Kari Curry‘s Special Beef Curry (Php 399)

For more punch of spice, then you are in luck because Kari Kari Curry is the home of Special Beef Curry (Php 399) here in Platina, but if you want something to slurp with then say hello to Ramen Daruma’s Shoyu Ramen (Small  Php 280 | Big Php 330).

Pigman‘s Pork Ginger (Small Php 210 | Medium 280)

Moving onto meaty options, do not miss out on the Pork Ginger (Small Php 210 | Medium 280) from Pigman as well as the delicious Pork Gyoza (4 pieces Php 160) of no other than Wazami Japanese Gyoza.

Pizzeria di Baldi’s Margherita Pizza (Php 290)

Not only does Platina has classic Japanese delicacies, but you also can get other delectables here like the Wagyu Burger (Php 320) of Kobe Burger and the Margherita Pizza (Php 290) of Pizzeria di Baldi that is of tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, and olive oil, and is cooked in a brick-oven.

Iced Matcha Latte (Medium Php 160 | Large Php 190)

For dessert in a glass, you can get some delectable matcha treats from Matcha Monster much like their Iced Matcha Latte (Medium Php 160 | Large Php 190) with vanilla ice and red bean paste. Undeniably, a refreshing way to end your Platina adventure!

But of course, Platina has so much more to offer as these are not the only stalls you can order from, especially for drinks because, their Wine Public Stand has Cocktails like the Sensation, Barbados, and Mojitas; as well as Mocktails like the Pineapple Shower and a fun sour drink which is the Lemon Sour.

The notion that Japanese cuisine is expensive would like to be debunked by Platina as they do not only offer that special, authentic Japanese taste, but also they are very much affordable! With almost everything homemade, Platina would like to give their diners a feel of what the atmosphere in Tokyo actually is, so if you have not been to Tokyo and is looking for an alternative for the time being or you miss being in Tokyo, head onto Platina this second!

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Address: General Luna St. Corner Mariano St., Poblacion, Makati

Contact Number: (02) 254 2301

Hours of Operation: 6PM to 3AM

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