Don’t Worry, Beer Happy: Here’s what went down on Draftoberfest 2019

December has Christmas, November has Halloween. In September, we all looked forward for Jose Mari Chan’s music, but what did we have for October? Of course, it is none other than the German feast of beer, Oktoberfest!

In Brewery at the Palace, we got to experience the best Oktoberfest ever with their very own “Draftoberfest”. We got to see and enjoy Oktoberfest as how it is happening in its origin – Munich, Germany. From the festive crowds, facade decors, staff’s Bavarian-themed uniforms, you will certainly get a vibe of Oktoberfest – an absolute grand celebration.

We got to party our life up with Draftoberfest for only Php 999 and we hope you got to experience the fun, too. With this, we got to chug down all the Paulaner beer we wanted. Also, we got to take home a free large mug which we will be filling with beer on our next drinking sesh.

We also, of course, got to indulge ourselves with world-famous German food such as the juicy bratwurst, crispy pork knuckles, appetizing pretzels and a whole lot more…

We even got to delight more in the night as we danced our hearts out with the Bavarian anthem playing in our background. We also got to play exciting games which surprise, surprise are of beer and food related fun! Everyone also got to be a part of a raffle which some were lucky enough to win prizes – sucks to be us, because we didn’t get any; better luck next time, we guess, right?

All that drinking, eating, and partying really got to us, but nevertheless, it was all worth it, so you better ready yourself, because you got a whole another year to prep for this beer-filled, fun-filled event! See you next year, we hope!

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