L Shef: Bringing you and your community a taste of love!

Ready-to-eat goodies have been such a life-saver for an on-the-go life, right? Not only is it great for time management, but also it is pocket-friendly. That’s why many people really are patrons of canned goods. However, lately, we notice a rise on the push and demand for healthier food as people have become more aware of the consequences of what they intake as well as how they are being helpful to the community.

Well, search no further, because L Shef got you covered! First of all, their products aren’t canned, they are bottled – giving you the benefit of seeing the state of the food you are about to have. Also, their products have gone through a thorough and meticulous process from making sure its ingredients are of quality, its taste is perfect, and its packaging is well-thought of and sealed. No doubt, they take pride in the quality of what they are offering as everything about it is a labor of love!

Not only do they promise a sumptuous meal time, but surely they are going for #DeliciousWithAPurpose which is their mission to create sustainable living for our local community, specifically farmers as well as fishermen. This campaign, #DeliciousWithAPurpose, aims to give back a portion of their sales from their bottled products to our hardworking local farmers and fishermen, so actually, you are not only putting food on your table, but also putting food on theirs. Helping each other should be a cycle, anyway!

We got to try both their Gourmet Tuyo as well as their Korean Kimchi and oh, my, we just couldn’t help ourselves but finish one bottle of each in one seating! Even our families loved it so much that they opted to open another bottle of each and even have taken home a few of our stocks – which is not a problem at all since sharing is caring.

L Shef undeniably is such a promising food brand that people should be raving about, especially because it is all natural, has no preservatives, and definitely homemade with love! And so, what else are you waiting for? Fill not only your tummies, but also your community’s and grab a bottle or two or maybe even a basket full of L Shef products like their Gourmet Tuyo, which for every bottle sold, our fishermen will get Php 10, as well as their Korean Kimchi, which for every bottle sold, our farmers will get Php 5.

Also, you can eat it as it is or maybe get a lil bit creative and make a full-blown recipe out of it. Either way, you will be downright drooling!

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