LOOK: Chatime’s Shaking Tea Up (and their Thai Milk Teas are Back!)

And this time, they’ve got a new exciting sinker to go with it: Sticky Rice!

Let’s face it: we all can’t get enough of milk tea. That’s why to this day, the trend doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. And while there are many milk tea players in the market— both local startups and international franchises— we can’t deny that the Taiwan brands have made a big impact here in the Philippines.

One of the brands who have cemented their way into people’s hearts (and bellies!) is Chatime. Founded in Taiwan during the year 2005, Chatime set its base in the Philippines in the year 2011, back when milk tea was a passing fancy for some, but not enough of a trend unlike today.

The “cha” in Chatime means tea in Chinese, so the whole thing could be translated to teatime, and that’s what they aim to deliver: brewed teas with innovative flavors and combinations that make it the best bubble tea you’ve ever had. That focus on providing quality milk teas has thus made them a top of mind choice for milk tea enthusiasts today.

And said milk tea fans will rejoice when they hear that their favorite Thai milk tea series is back!

That’s right— what started out as a seasonal, limited edition drink is now here to stay! But this time, it’s creamier, better than ever, and even comes with a new sinker: Sticky Rice!

Curious about the sticky rice? It’s a mix of azuki red bean paste and rice to elevate the rich, spiced flavor of the Thai Tea. Unlike pearls, it makes for a smooth drinking experience, as it blends well with the tea. And if you’re a fan of the salty cream cheese and milk tea combination, you’ll be happy to know that they now offer a Thai Tea Mousse!

“We have been bringing the Thai Milk Tea back every year due to high demand every time we launch it. Last year, we changed it up by serving it with golden pearls. This year, aside from introducing the sticky rice, we wanted to innovate further by adding a new variant, which is called Thai Tea Mousse,” said Christopher Cua, Marketing and Finance Director.

You read it right. The Thai Milk Tea or Thai Tea Mousse is now a regular menu item that you can enjoy with Sticky Rice or the classic sinkers!

With all these and more, Chatime has a lot of goodies in store for us in the coming years. These include:

Pop Up Kiosks

Chatime SM City Cebu (Image taken from the Chatime Facebook Page)

Back when milk tea was still a rare treat, Chatime started out with a large space for lounging, much like a coffee shop. But with the rapid increase of branches (and the fact that milk tea has become more mainstream), Chatime features pop up stalls and kiosks across the mall for milk tea on the go.

A New Logo

Old Chatime Logo (image taken from the Chatime Twitter page)
New Chatime Logo (image taken from the Chatime Tiwtter page)

Chatime started out with a traditional logo featuring Chinese characters and their trademark tea leaf. In favor of a modern, more youthful approach, they’ve contacted a design agency that added subtle changes to their logo: a similar, but more readable font, and a more distinct tea leaf with a dew drop perched on the edge.


Their old slogan was short and sweet: Good Tea, Good Time. But this didn’t make them stand out as much. Chatime then shifted to a tagline that captures their values of being fun and innovative, as well as serving quality teas. And so, they’re “Shaking Tea Up”… literally! Their teas are all shaken, not stirred, and they promise to shake things up by doing things differently. Now that made a splash! And speaking of splashes…

Making a Splash!

In line with their fun and innovative approach to bubble tea, Chatime’s promo ads now feature a lot of splashes! They even showcase all the ingredients, which really shows that they use natural fruits and sweeteners for their drinks. Nothing fake and artificial here. Just pure, fresh goodness.

Tea Tap Bar

A first in the milk tea industry, Chatime launched their very own Tea Tap Bar— available in select Makati, BGC and other premiere malls. Similar to a bar setup with kegs underneath connected to metallic taps, fans can now watch firsthand how tea is prepared in a social setting that really elevates the bubble tea experience. This allows everything to be moved up front to create a new, open kitchen concept.

Exclusive Partnerships = More Branches

Chatime recently celebrated their 100-branch milestone with a newly opened branch in Davao. But this 2019, Chatime sets the bar high by aspiring to open a total of 50 more branches to make it a nice 150 total. Through the help of partnerships with Shell and Waltermart, fans can expect to see more kiosks along these gas stations (particularly at NLEX and SLEX), and at mall entrances sometime soon.

How exciting is all that?

Chatime Philippines

Website: http://www.chatime.com.ph/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chatimephilippines/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chatimephilippines/

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