Milkteas, Dumplings, Noodles, and More from Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar

The sun is at it again, huh? We mean summer is here and we are all just drenched in sweat inside our homes. Beach is a no go, so showering multiple times a day is what keeps us feeling fresh the whole day.

However, showering is not really the only thing that’s beating the heat for us, because of course, we are getting ourselves some milktea from time to time. Where did we get our last milkteas? We got them from Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar, that’s where!

Cheers Cheese actually started in Tagaytay, but for their branch in McKinley West, they decided to merge with Black Sugar which is great, if you ask us! Their branching out would have happened sooner, if only the pandemic didn’t hit us, but it did, so here we all are — at home, trying our best not to let the heat get into our head.

With our aim to keep our cool, we did not waste any time and got ourselves some sippies from Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar! We started with their Invincible Fruit Tea which is available in three different tea bases: Green Tea (Large Php 180), Black Tea (Large Php 180), and Oolong Tea (Php 180). The fruits that these beverages have are lemon, lime, watermelon, amd grapes.

As we loved the fruity taste, we then moved onto one of their Smoothie Series, the Cheese Avocado (Large Php 160). We absolutely enjoyed the taste of cheese and avocado in every sip when we had this delish drink!

From that one, we then decided to indulge ourselves with more of their milktea variants and their Dirty Series surely got us curious, so we got ourselves their Cheese Dirty Milk Tea (Medium Php 150 | Large Php 170). This one is just of the right sweetness, so if you are one who likes milktea, but is not so much big on something sweet, then this is perfect for you.

We wanted to try more of this Dirty Milktea Series that Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar has, but we also wanted to have some of that matcha goodness that we also are fans of. Good thing they have Dirty Meiyo Matcha (Medium Php 150) which did the trick for us.

As we progress in this Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar journey, we found out that they also have some chocolatey choices up for grabs, so there we were sipping on their Ovaltine Black Sugar Pearl (Medium Php 150 | Large Php 170) and their Ferrero Treasure Milk Tea (Large Php 210). Another thing that we really liked with Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar is that their mixes are not overpoweringly sweet, so we were able to really taste whatever the highlight of the drink is.

Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar also has some Milk Teas that would bring some extra play, extra punch, if you know what we mean. We were able to try one of these Milk Teas and it was none other than their Brandy Pearl Milk Tea (Large Php 170). It was a new experience for us and we surely will be back to try their other “adult-friendly” drinks!

If you think they are all about teas, though, then that’s where you are wrong, because Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar also has ICE Drop Based beverages. The one we got our hands on was called ICE Drop (Large Php 140) and the brewing of this coffee took around 6 to 8 hours, so it is no surprise when this gets you buzzing.

Other than drinks, Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar also has some nomnoms which you could pair your chosen drinks with. What we got to munch on and slurp on was their Dumplings (Php 180) which is available in Original, Spicy, and Spicy and Sour, as well as their Special Xiangyang (Php 280) which is a hearty, ramen style, spicy bowl of beef noodles, beef brisket, and intestines.

What we had with Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar may seem a lot already, but believe us, these are just a few of what you could sip on and munch on from them. Know more about Cheers Cheese × Black Sugar by checking out their Facebook and Instagram. They are also on GrabFood and foodpanda, so if you are near McKinley West, then go have something from them delivered to you today!

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