#MoreThanJustLechon: Other than lechon, check out what more can you gorge at Zubuchon

For ten years, Zubuchon has been fixing people’s cravings for lechon. Have you ever stopped and wondered why Zubuchon is called Zubuchon? Well, let us tell you why. Basing on the account of Magellan’s voyage, the map he used which was the Map of Pigafetta had named Cebu in the olden days as Zubu. And stories have also said that at the arrival of Magellan and his people, Filipinos have served them roast pig which people have now assumed to be lechon – proving how long lechon has been a part of the Philippine culture and way of life. Alas, the people behind Zubuchon decided to give it that catchy name!

As Zubuchon has been highlighting Visayan lechons for a decade, know that they have always sought out local ingredients whenever possible and that they are now #morethanjustlechon; and you, together with us, get first dibs on this newly opened branch of theirs at the newly built Assembly Grounds at The Rise.

Starting with what they have been offering ever since, their lechon, specifically their Zubuchon Lechon Platter (Small Platter serves 2Php 350 | Medium Platter serves 4 Php 650 | Large Platter serves 6 Php 980) which is their classic roast pig that is as sumptuous and as juicy as how it looks.

Following that one with an appetizer of theirs that is a bestseller. Their Fish Skin Tacos (Php 370) which is ofkinilawnatangigue served with deep-fried fish skins is something that we found to be uniquely innovative as this is the first time we get to see something like this.

Sinigang Lechon

From a yummy munchie, let’s get into their slurp-worthy soups, particularly their Sinigang Lechon (Php 360) which is a tamarind-based sour soup with vegetables and lechon, as well as their Lechon Mami (Php 260) which is a delicious bowl of egg noodles, lechonand  slow-cookiedlechon broth.

Before we continue devouring what Zubuchon has, let’s first have a bit of a trivia about their lechon broth. Made form lechon meat, bones, and aromatics which are slow-cooked for six hours, this lechon broth of Zubuchon is actually the base that naturally flavors many of their offerings.

Sizzling Squid Stuffed with Sisig

And speaking of their offerings, we shall dive back into those by chomping down their scrumptious Sizzling Squid Stuffed with Sisig (Php 400) which is a plate of squid stuffed with minced lechon and aromatics. Truly, something we would not only be thinking about when we are awake, but dreaming about as well.

Zubuchon Pancit

More into Zubuchon’s savories, their Zubuchon Pancit (Php 270) is actually a signature noodle dish of theirs – no surprise about that – made with egg noodles, lechon, lechon broth, shrimp, and vegetables. Indeed, a carb-y delicacy worth each and every mouthful!

Zubuchon Dessert Sampler Platter

To cap this wonderful Zubuchon meal experience, we opted for their Zubuchon Dessert Sampler Platter (Php 270) which is a platter of several of favorite Filipino desserts such asmango, leche flan, biko, and budbudkabug – such a wonderful treat right before we head home.

We just could not get enough of all this Zubuchon goodness. We love how we got to personalize our own dipping sauce which Zubuchon is also famous for. On each the table, you will see some chopped spices like chili, calamnsi, tomatoes, and onions, alongside three bottles which are of vinegar, soy sauce, and chili oil – encouraging their diners to explore and find their own preferred flavor, so what else are you waiting for? Dine with Zubuchon and just go savor!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zubuchonphilippines/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zubuchon/

Featured Branch: Zubuchon – Assembly Grounds at The Rise

Address: Ground Floor, Assembly Grounds at The Rise Malugay Street Makati, Makati, 1203 Kalakhang Maynila

Contact Number: (02) 728 3931

Hours of Operation: 11AM to 10PM

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