The Daily Bakes will have you clearing out your schedule for their mouthwatering treat

The thing about us and chocolate is that we have nothing but a love-love relationship. All we have for chocolate is our love for it. We love how it is both a comfort food as well as an indulgence for us. The experience that chocolate has to offer is just downright luscious regardless of what form it may come to us.

With that, one of our favorite ways to eat chocolate is in the form of a cake – a delicious one at that! Wondering what we think is a delicious cake? Well, for one, The Daily Bakes has it! The Daily Bakes is an online food store open for pick-up and delivery as they offering a rather adorable and decadent chocolate cake that has many people swooning over.

Their Chocolate Fudge Crunch that is of 12 x 12 x 7 cm is a cute boxed cake that is priced at Php 500. This one is a three-layered dreamy goodie that you won’t be able to resist as each layer is of a different chocolatey adventure. The first one being a crunchy feature, the middle one being a moist and delicious cake, and the top being the rich, drool-worthy chocolate ganache.

Indeed, this box of heaven by The Daily Bakes is more than just a treat to your chocoholic self, so if you want to reward yourself for a lovely job done or you just want a mouth-watering cake to dig into, this one is the way for you to go! To know more about this delish treat, you can visit The Daily Bakes on Facebook and Instagram.

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