The Pancake House slammed March Monday Jitters with their flippin’ Mini Classic Pancakes

It’s not a secret that almost everyone goes yay on a Friday and nay on a Monday. It has always been a battle, if not a struggle, to get up from the bed early in the morning, especially when the weekend is over.

Many wish for time to be slow, even be still, when Sunday is about to end and Monday is about to say hello. It’s like everyone just wants a hero to save them from their Monday woes, if not from Monday itself.

Well, your cry for help has been heard by The Pancake House! Your Mondays certainly got a whole lot better back in March because you absolutely had the time of your life with your favorite Classic Pancakes at The Pancake House with a tad bit cutesie twist. For all the Mondays of March, The Pancake House was serving what they call Mini Classic Pancakes with a scoop of whipped cream alongside a luscious serving of their oh so yummy pancake syrup for only Php 45.

And with that we were invited for an intimate get together by The Pancake House at their Paseo de Magallanes branch which was such a fun experience to reminisce of, as we did not only get the chance to try out their awesome March offer that is the Mini Classic Pancakes for only Php 45, but also we got to catch up with some old pals and new found ones, alongside played games altogether.

Together with The Pancake House’s generous promo that is the Pancake Saving Monday back in March which is their Mini Classic Pancakes, we also had one of their best sellers and a must-try, no doubt – their ever-loved House Special Meal Set A (Php 299) which is a delicious mix of specialties of the house: Taco, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and garlic bread, one piece Pan Chicken and iced tea.

With the games and a whole lot of fun bringing out the child in each of us, we also got to have some of their dishes that are made especially for kids such as their Kids’ Mac n’ Cheese (Php 100) which is macaroni pasta in rich cheese sauce, their Chicken Bites (Classic or Spicy Php 137) which is a plate of yummy deep-fried chicken pieces served with gravy, and their Slice n’ Shine (Php 175) which is a classic kiddie favorite composed of pan seared meatloaf slices served with sunny side up egg and plain rice.

Truly, this intimate event has brought us closer with each other and has once again proved how Pancake House is #AlwaysAGoodChoice and a crowd favorite, so we hope you got a fill of your Monday fix which is the Mini Classic Pancakes for only Php 45 for all the Mondays of the past month which is March, only at The Pancake House!

And if ever you missed that delectable limited time generous offer which is the Pancake Saving Monday back in March, better watch for what The Pancake House has up their sleeve because certainly they have more for their loyal diners, including you!

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