121 Grille & Restaurant will keep you busy until it’s time to drink again!

Beaten up? Worn out? Wiped? Drained? Regardless of how tired or exhausted you are, don’t deny that you still got some extra energy for a simple eat out or even a night of fun! De-stressing really is a need from time to time, especially because there’s just a lot of negativity in the world to not feel heavy and we are not one to judge as we get to experience that, too, so after a week-long of hustle and bustle, here we are at 121 Grille & Restaurant for our much-needed weekend break.

121 Grille & Restaurant will give you the coffee-keeps-me-busy-‘til-it’s-time-to-drink as well as the no-working-during-drinking-hours kind of vibe and that’s exactly the environment we not only want, but as we have mentioned, absolutely need! Filled with long table and comfy chairs, we just know that this place really can amp up a group who is in dire need of amusement and excitement – like us.

Jumpstarting this merrymaking, of course, we got to fill our tummies with some of 121 Grille & Restaurant’s main dishes. Claiming to be Manila’s best pork liempo, their Grilled Liempo (Php 249) is a best seller and it is best with 121 Secret Sauce. This sure got our cravings heightened as its scent got us drooling already.

Following that is a classic that is just so hard to say no to – their Pork Sinigang (Php 279)! This bestselling soup dish of 121 Grille & Restaurant is an outright delight. Every sip of its soup is just so downright delish as the meat in it is tender and tasty.

To balance this meaty start, this third and last main dish we had was their Monggo Soup with Tinapa (Php 119). This one will give you a taste of Lola’s cooking as this one is a garlicky mung bean soup with smoked fish topped with homemade chicharon!

Adios Mother F@cker (Php 199)

Digging into a few heavy mains, you bet we are ready to dive into what we really went for here at 121 Grille & Restaurant! We teased ourselves first with their funky Frozen Iced Tea (Php 99) which surely was energizing! Then, we opted for their Mango Colada (Php 159) to hype ourselves up as the night grow older. And just right in the peak of the night, we chugged down their Adios Mother F@cker (Php 199) which is consisted of six spirits namely Jim Beam, Tequila, Vodka, White Rhum, triple Sec, and lime!

And of course, we are not going all the way for this night with just drinks as we are utter lovers of food! In drinker’s term, we are kung fu-mulutan masters and we are not ashamed of it! With drinks in hand and a lot of stories – or maybe rants – to tell, we also kept munching on a few of their bestselling barfare such as Lumpiang Shanghai (Solo Php 219 | Barkada Php 839), Pork Sisig (Solo Php 289 | Barkada Php 1029), and Sizzling Beef Salpicao (Solo Pho 399 | Barkada Php 1499).

Lastly, if you are on a healthy food diet or maybe you are a vegan, then don’t fret because you can also go for their Tofu Sisig (Solo Php 179 | Barkada Php 699)! This one we adored as well because well, just like the Monggo Soup with Tinapa we had beforehand, this one is a balance-r – or maybe a dish to silence our rather noisy guilty conscience. 

121 Grille & Restaurant has a lot to offer, especially as they could cater to events, and their other branches has kanta rooms which you can rent, consumables included – such a win-win, right? Also, they are not only all for the fun, as they are very much aware of their social and environmental responsibilities as they support local, by tapping local businesses to partner with as well as using bamboo straws and edible rice straws to lessen their waste footprint alongside other eco-friendly takes they are incorporating into their operations.

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Featured Branch: 121 Grille & Restaurant – Allegro Center, Makati City

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