Camino’s got your whole day covered!

Started out at night food markets around the Metro in 2015 where they were selling comfort food as well as snacks to manufacturing meat products from premium sausages and longganisas to bacon and even ham. That’s how Camino’s came to be as the now one-stop shop for quality, gourmet deli without artificial flavorings, colorings, or any harmful additives.

With a lot of different meat choices up for grabs, Camino’s could sure cover your meals for the whole day. You could start your day with their Smoked Bacon which comes in 250 grams (Php 115)and 500 grams (Php 220). Pair this one with eggs and fried rice and you got yourself a heavy breakfast plate to energize you for the day.

After that, you need not to worry about your lunch, because they have Vigan Longganisa (250 grams Php 135) and BBQ Longganisa (250 grams Php 135) for you. These flavorful Pinoy sausages are sure splendid choices. You can even have this with some vinegar on the side for extra punch.

To end your day with a bang, Camino’s Hams are the perfect way to make your dinner wonderful. Their Classic Ham (1KG Whole Php 700) as well as their Honey Baked Ham (1KG Whole Php 900) are amazing as these ones are delicious and filling. These are also great for sharing, so you better have your friends and family to have these with.

There you have it. As you can see, Camino’s really has your back. They have meals great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; so if you are having a hard thinking what to have on your next meal, you should check out their products.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram. You can also drop them a message if you have any queries.

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