It is on!: Check out these 6 new dishes from House of Lechon

We told you we will be back at House of Lechon and so, here we really are! We just got back from Cebu and we got to finally check out another gorgeous branch of House of Lechon. This time we got to visit their famous Robinsons Galleria branch. It sure was a refreshing sight with their trademark color (and of course, lechon!) being the highlight of it all.

But then again, it’s not only their setting and ambiance that we keep on coming back to, because truth be told, their offerings are satisfying and at the same time flavorful! And so, being here at Cebu, we really did not think twice and drop by in one of their branches again, and we don’t regret that decision of ours one bit as we got to try a bunch of their new dishes once again.

Starting with some easy munchies on a stick, House of Lechon finally has Pork Barbecue that is a plate of three yummy sticks – great for some quick catch up and even great for a serving of rice.

From some barbecue goodness, we next went for their Tuna Sisig. We absolutely loved their Lechon Sisig so we just couldn’t hide our excitement with this Tuna Sisig of theirs and they did not only meet our expectations, but even exceeded it.

And having some taste of sizzle, of course we are not holding back ourselves from having more and that we got from their Spicy Squid. This one is totally one of our faves as it is not only sizzling but saucy too.

After having those, we also got to try some of their heavier options like their Batchoy that is so worth all the slurp as well as their Sinigang sa Watermelon which is a wonderful tasty pairing to your favorite carb – rice. 

All these are House of Lechon’s newest offerings that you should really not miss out on, especially because if you already have dined with them, you are sure to have a great time again! Plus, you know what we also keep coming back to here at House of Lechon? It is none other than their Frozen Iced Tea alongside their Sticky Rice with Mango!

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