Landers Superstore – An in-depth review on what everyone is raving about!

Landers Superstore was born out of the desire to create not only a place that will ‘house’ top-notch goods and treasure finds for the whole family.  Here stands the pillars of a superstore that gives more value to it’s members, so they will always have a blissful shopping experience.

It is owned and managed by  the Southeast Asia Retail Group.  They had their soft opening last June 17th but they formally opened it to the public last June 22nd of this year.  Their store hours are from 9AM to 9PM, which is very ideal for everyone whose working because they can drop by even after work.

Last Tuesday, we visited Landers Superstore to have a look and to check on what it has to offer.  At first sight, you’ll be delighted to know that they have plenty of parking space.  Upon entering, you won’t fail to notice how huge and massive it is.  Their pushcarts are even bigger.  You can stack out probably even a  year worth of supplies.


But before you can start your shopping, you need to apply for membership first, since this is an all exclusive membership only facility.

They have a dedicated area for everyone who wants to be a member.


For the benefit of .those who wants to know the very simple steps on how to be a member, I listed down the process below.

  1.  Fill-out the membership application form.
  2.  Pay for the one year membership fee.  For Premium or Personal, membership fee is P800. You may avail of one (1) extension card
    for an additional P400.  On the other hand, Business membership fee is P1,000 and you may avail of up to four (4) extension cards for an additional P400 each.
    All memberships are valid for 12 months and may be renewed with the same fee. Your membership card will be honored at all Landers Superstores.
    Currently, they are running a membership promo that gives 20% discount on all
    membership fees. With this, Premium or P20160726_124421ersonal membership fee is now yours at P640 only and P320 for the extension. While Business membership is at P800 only and P320 for the extension. Promotion is only until September 15, 2016.
  3. After payment, you will then be issued with a temporary card that you can use, so that  you can start your shopping experience right away.
  4. On your next visit, you will then have your glossy permanent membership card.

But what sets Landers apart from their popular competitor?  Well, upon scrutinizing the place upside down, I’d say there are plenty of differences that this Superstore has to offer to their customers.

A.  Interior wise, it is very spacious and well-lighted.  It is literally vast enough to make everyone feel relaxed and at ease while shopping along the wide aisles of the well-lit superstore.




B.  They are the first membership superstore in the country that contains a cool coffee shop (Doppio), a comfortable diner (Landers Central), and a delectable bakery (Dough & Co.).  Their Brooklyn Bomber Pizza from their Diner is a winner.  They even have it in wheat for all the health buff like me. Their bakers are being trained by professionals from abroad, and their coffee shop is very reasonably priced (detailed review on these three on my second blog).


C.  They make it a mission to bring outstanding products from abroad that isn’t available here like the President’s Choice line of products, you can only find it in Landers. Jet-setters and fellow travelers will be happy to know that they can find most products from abroad available now in the Philippines.



D.  Not everything is in bulk and biggie sizes, they also give consideration to smaller-sized families. That’s why they also offer smaller packs of their merchandise and even individual products.

E.  They have an enormous showroom which feature elegant furniture and home decors.

F.  They have a healthy mix of top-notch imported goods from countries such as the U.S., Canada, and Australia. They also provide an ample assortment of quality local products and an array of exclusive goods that can only be found in Landers.

G. For the furry pets owner there is a wide variety of products that they can choose from.

H.  Spices and Seasoning section is every cook’s haven.  It has everything that you will need, to finally cook that great meal that you’ve been setting aside because you can’t seem to find all the ingredients to cook it.


H.  Their prices are very competitive.  They even offer Buy 1 Take 1 on some items.

I. They have a vast and wider selection of wines, liquors, beers etc.  So if you’re planning a party or a simple celebration, you may want to check out their selections first.

J.  Men can opt to get a haircut from their sleek barbershop (Talas Manileño) while their wives or girlfriends are busy shopping.  This should really satisfy the members’ cravings and lifestyle needs.


K.  Comfort room is clean, with ample space and with just the right number of cubicles.

L.  You have a sense of security, since they have plenty of security guards within the whole vicinity.  Plus, their friendly too.

I must say if you decide to become a member of this glorious Superstore, it really is worth every penny.   You won’t only have a good shopping experience, you will also get to feel to be a queen or a king because of the good customer service that they provide. They have the most friendly and accommodating staffs.

They never stop innovating and exploring what products they can add more so that members will always have something to look forward to.

They have free and ample parking for all the members.  You even get to use their five-star gasoline station (Caltex) that offers everyday fuel discounts with up to P2 off per liter for Gas and P1.50 per liter for Diesel.

As well as you get all year round access to their very relaxing and cozy coffee shop, modern and sophisticated diner and to their bakery that has delectable pastries.  Not to mention, access to Talas Manileno that offers free coffee as part of their haircut package.

And as a mom, every grocery shopping day will be looked forward to because they give freebies like popcorn, ice cream or cotton candy for kids on every weekend.

Also, since I’m from the south, I will be looking forward to the opening  of their second branch in Otis, Manila which will be a lot nearer to my place.

To capped it off, if you’re a celebrity sucker, Landers is the place to be.  A lot of celebrities has flock this superstore already like  Camille Pratts, Amy Perez, KC Concepcion, Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles, Bobby Andrews, Angelu De Leon, Andrea Brilliantes, and Jason Abalos.  Even Vice Ganda has a 41-minute video of his grocery shopping at Landers.

Here’s the link for those who wants to see it:

So why don’t you drop by at Landers soon and see for yourself why this Superstore deserves to be the talk of the town?

Who knows, you might even get to shop with your favorite stars?


Landers first Superstore: Landers Balintawak
Address: 1240 EDSA Balintawak, Apolonio Samson, Quezon City
Store Hours: 9AM – 9PM

Soon-to-open second  Superstore: Landers Otis 
Address: 1890 Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila.

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